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question about quests

lotuspodlotuspod Member Posts: 20

I have been really looking into this game but im just wondering

is there a sufficient amount of quests ir does this game turn into a grindfest?


  • DavynelordDavynelord Member Posts: 122

    Well there are plenty of quest.   You basically can level up on quest alone because from time you first log in you get quest that revolve around a very good story.  

    However, the quest consist of things such as delivery, killing a certain amount of monstors, killing monsters for certain item drops, complete dungeons and simple quest where you just listen to a story (those are few though).

    I believe the quest don't stop until you get to around level 100 or so (and there is a max level of 170).   Like all MMO's, there is always a grind of some sort but with cabal it might be two-fold becuase not only do you have to grind xp to level up but you also have to grind skill points in order to get more powerful attacks.    Good thing is you can level both at the same time at a moderate pace or you can level each separately at a slightly faster pace.


    Basically I'm at a point where I'm leveling so fast, I have like 15 quest to do and that's not including the hidden helper T quest...which are special solo or party quest you can do on the side which has bosses to defeat in the end....they are completely optional and are not a part of the story quest....but are more difficult than story quest.


    So really, if all you want to do is quest, they can keep you busy from level 1 - 100.....but they do end up feeling like grinding when you start getting quest that ask you to find 50 or more of a certain item drop off of mobs.    I once had a mission that required me to get 55 item drops from a certain type of mob for a quest and it took me 830 something kills of that monstor type to finally get the items to complete the quest.  It took me 3 days to do because sometimes you can fight a mob and get drops every 5 or 6 kills...then other times you might kill them and end up killing 30 in a row and not get a single drop.   When I go through that, I just stop doing that mission for a while and go do another that's why it took me 3 days for that one mission.


    Overall, as long as you keep reading up on the story for the quest you get, it may be enough to keep you entertained....when you get to the quest themselves, they are pretty much the same though after a while.   The game has other things that keep it fun though.....


    the skills are awesome, the combo system is always something you'll strive to improve in (it's difficult getting better than 11 hits in a combo, the pvp is good (though you do fight blindly since there is no way to know what level of your opponent is before you accept a duel).   War channel is open pvp with no penalties but you pretty much have to be high level (120+) to really enjoy that channel.  I couldn't survive 2 minutes in war channel when I went there around level 50 or so.


    In the grand scheme of things though, you will end up having to grind, grind and grind some more...but as I've said, that's all MMO's...they need to put a time sink in a game...can't let you level up to easy or too quickly.


  • MaxleonidasMaxleonidas Member Posts: 12

    There is adecent amount of quests, i sometimes get tired of them lol, to many.

  • AwesominityAwesominity Member UncommonPosts: 93

    There's a good amount of quests, especially at the lower levels.

    Of course there's grind. Aside from the quests that require you to kill a certain number of monsters there are also Hidden Helper message quests. However number of messages you're supposed to collect you can count on killing at least three times that amount.

    You not only have to worry about your character level, but also your sword and magic skill xp. Both of which directly affect your max hp and mp. The levels of each depend on how many skills you can have at a time.

    I don't really think you'll even notice the grind until you get into the game more.

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