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United Players Syndicate recruites vets and noobs

CarlsbergCarlsberg Member Posts: 6


UPS is shortly open for new players. Its open for new ones and real vets. We only take limited numbers at a time as we are a teambased corp we help from close the new ones. We are active in anything eve has to present (except for piracy). So whatever path you want to follow there is a place in our corp. We are quite a strong corp that is still independant but still has some steady 0.0 ops runnning. Also agent runers,hunters,miners, resaerchers, .... are active with us. We hold over 200 bp (Origanals and copies) so we can provide many things for ourself. We are also active in the Tech II business. But the key point is having fun while advancing in the game. And mostly of the time you can do what you want , we have only 2 times a month a corp mining event. But this is for making ammo and ships so we can provide it freely to the members.

Join 'HOT CHAT' to meet members ans friends of UPS our contact our CEO 'HOT SPACE' the hottest lady in space ;)



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