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Good genre but my little god, that description!

ClemSnideClemSnide Member Posts: 5

Even though I'm a writer, I don't usually criticize other peoples' English. I mean, sometimes I make a typo, sometimes I end a sentence a preposition with.  Nah. If they overload the eleetspeek and the keystroke saving nonsense, I just ignore them. Honestly I'm not a language Nazi; I think of myself more as a language radical democratist.

But the description posted here... Lord. First of all, it may make sense to the writer, but I wouldn't even guarantee that. Second, I lost track of the "Engrish" going on. Haft human and haft vampire, huh? That'd be like a double-hafted axe or something? Sheesh.

I agree, we need horror MMORPGs. But horror derives from literature, and that means writing, and if you can't handle writing in English, you need to hire someone who can.

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