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Listing a game's economy interface?

PirwzyPirwzy Member Posts: 1

By that I mean, does it use personal stalls or does it have some centralized economy system.

I might just be nitpicking, but on this website I can find no information (without alot of digging in comments if someone happened to even mention it in a comment) about the type of in-game economy system, meaning does a game use person stalls such as Dofus, Silkroad and R.O.S.E. Online use or does it have a central market system like EVE Online's market or World of Warcraft's Auction House system which let you browse everything players are selling from one location.

I know one person's opinion can't mean too much, but this part of a game has a profound effect on a player's experience in the game, because it's a major way players interact while not questing or while working on professions and it can weigh heavily on whether a person decides if they like the game or not. It can also give an idea what what the main towns will be like, whether they'll have lots of player shops in town I'd have to run around to and check individually, or if it'll be less crowded with only one or two places I'd have to visit to see all of the things players are selling.

I don't expect anything like a paragraph for each game, but maybe just a category listing Economy Interface as either "Personal Shops" or "Centralized Market" would suffice, or something similar. It might be alot to ask, but I just wanted to throw that out there because it's something I look at in a game.

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