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should i come back?

deadlydog5deadlydog5 Member Posts: 95

well i quit cus of the hackers and spammers and getting raped by acc during CW. how is Solus with the hackers and bots now? also is cora still getting raped by acc cus of there overpopulation?

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  • HousamHousam Member Posts: 1,460
    Originally posted by deadlydog5

    well i quit cus of the hackers and spammers and getting raped by acc during CW. how is Solus with the hackers and bots now? also is cora still getting raped by acc cus of there overpopulation?

    probably not....its gotton worse so iv heard...i remeber playing this game when it was p2p...was lodza fun...

  • nukem170nukem170 Member Posts: 24

    The way this game went down was really sad. Why?? Why??

  • OdioOmnusOdioOmnus Member Posts: 22

    I'd wait for the future updates to come back, they actually look like they might breathe some life back into the game.

  • darkgamerxdarkgamerx Member Posts: 311

    Why exacly did this game crash and burn?

  • ZagatoMKRZagatoMKR Member UncommonPosts: 263

    RFO was CM's first MMO title, so they had (and in some ways still have) no experience in running and managing something big like that. Another thing is the lack of backbone. They were unable to make a profitable deal with CCR when game went F2P in Korea. I've heard that CM still doesn't have GM tools for Ep2 and there was not a single event since "expansion's" launch.


  • A.DantesA.Dantes Member Posts: 148

    Originally posted by darkgamerx

    Why exacly did this game crash and burn?
    There were lots of reasons it crashed after launch, not all of which were CM's fault.  Starting out with the closed beta, the game somehow managed to attract a large number of people from WoW like games that liked PvE.  I was figured over people interested would be coming from PvP games like Lineage II, but there weren't that many in the people I met.  Needless to say, I have no idea why these people showed up in the first place, but they left after a month or two.

    It did result in an inflated of expectations for how well the game would do though and CM launched way too many servers at launch, some of which never managed to reach a good population.  Then, once the initial launch is over and people start to drift off, almost all the servers lost enough population to feel like ghost towns.  After a while, even the people that like the game leave if the server they play on has a very low population and CM took way, way too long to merge the servers.

    Add to this poor support ( I don't think there was so much as one non-server related hardware fix in between beta and release ) and the fact that grinding in the game is exceptionally boring ( pretty much all skills were PvP only).  The game was also designed around a full population, not initial release, which resulted in some major imbalances when one side or another started hitting a particular level plateau.  The server populations in Korea, which is what the balance was designed for, was also extremely different from the US (Bellato was the smallest of the three races while well over half the players in the US version played them).

    Most of all, though, the game had a brain dead player base.  People, despite not having anything to lose, would rarely fight if the conditions were even.  Worse, the vast majority of people simply refused to learn to play.  The only thing to call a mage who only has elemental attacks and refuses to use their one (fairly powerful) elemental debuff is idiot.  And there were a ton of them.  I knew around half a dozen to a dozen people on the same server and side I was playing on who I actually respected their skill in PvP.  Everyone else pretty much got their score purely based on ganking and/or level differences.

  • zalvajezalvaje Member Posts: 38

    I think you should coz i know you'll take care of  account this time.....

  • stabelitestabelite Member Posts: 1

    I quit playing the game because when the game first came out you could grind and make enough money to continue to grind but after a certan patch the economy preaty much crashed and it was near imposible to make any money.

  • einexileeinexile Member UncommonPosts: 197

     Yes, it's time to come back. This time you might even enjoy yourself.

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  • justai2000justai2000 Member Posts: 6

    love is lovelier the second the second time around..

    same with the upcoming re-release of RF.. hahahahahah..

  • jampongersjampongers Member Posts: 5

    I'm coming back foe moe! mwahahaha! can't wait but maybe it will be released til next year

  • The_GothessThe_Gothess Member Posts: 10

    please check this site:

    please bear with the CCR team because they're still updating the site. However, I'm sure you'll enjoy your tour because you'll find lots of new items included in the RF re-launch. If you find some typographical error, glitches, broken links, buttons not functioning, or words that are still in Korean, kindly alert the concerned people. Enjoy browsing guys. See you all at the beta testing of the new reinvented RF. =]

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