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Resolution Change / Windowed Mode

XilimythXilimyth Member Posts: 9

Is there any way to get this game client to run at either a higher resolution or in a window?

Having a widescreen monitor is making it look funny with everything all stretched out O_O


  • dcy0077dcy0077 Member Posts: 5

    I want to play it, but I want more resolutions!

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  • zeifertstczeifertstc Member Posts: 5

    I suppose that posting this here and now is kind of like poking a sleeping grandma with a stick, but.... Well, the only way I've managed to change the resolution of this game is to edit a text file in the game's folder.


    C:Program FilesAOAAOAcore.ini


    That file contains 3 simple lines to check out... however, this game was not meant for widescreen resolutions. Seems the max it can support is 1024x768 but there is a line to change it from fullscreen to windowed mode. If you're in fullscreen already then change the 1 to a 0, save and exit.

    If you have a standard CRT with a max resolution of 1024x768 but are in windowed mode, you can just change that

    full_screen     =  0


    full_screen     = 1

    Save file, exit editor and start game. Too bad it doesn't support the higher resolutions since my monitor is 1440x900. The game graphics themselves seem to adjust alright but the interface containing the hotkeys and menu buttons is static linked to a certain position within the 1024x768 resolution frame. So... I guess I'm stuck in windowed mode. v.v

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