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Pro's and con's of game from an experienced player.

nikki32489nikki32489 Member Posts: 1

I'll start out with some unopinionated facts, then give you my opinion from having experienced gameplay. Highest level character is 150. I  have a level 85 character and am co-creator of a guild 65+ players. Been playing 2moons for about 7-8 months.

Storyline: almost nonexistant. Basically a grind pve/pk/pvp (and hopefully massive pvp (siege/ guild wars after the patch 3/31. must be lvl 135+ to participate in those.)

Characters: Great originality, bagi warrior's and segnales are especially unique. Bagi warrior's use their fists/knuckles to punch instead of swords (knights use swords) and segnales use a whip and blood and curse attacks. Knights have dual wielding.

Bagi warrior: fists/punching, high defense, weapons are knives/spikes/etc on knuckles.

Knight: high defense, mostly aoe's, 2handed, dueld sword, mace, axe, sword and shield

Mages: mostly aoes, decent defense with buffs

Segnales: group buffs, group heals, reincarnate players, whip, decent def with buffs, one big aoe. (i play this :))

Summoner: Summoners cool looking pets with unique attacks (no special attacks for pets) twin blade swords, prettiest attacks, often considered weakest character, probably one of the strongest after patch

Hunters: Have bouncy boobies. Sluts of 2moons, wear almost no clothing. Very high damage, decent defense. Bow, xbow, or dagger.

Cons: Characters are not equal (attempting to fix with new patch 3/31)



Maps: unoriginal. 5 basic maps. Forest/ woodland, desert, snow, cave, underwater. The first 4 are the ones you see until level 115. They all look very much the same with walls in different places. Some nature affect (rain, dust storm etc) but overall fairly boring. Different level per map (easy to know where to train)

cons: maps very crowded, not enough monsters for everyone, some maps very laggy. Some monsters extremely cool looking, but most are not.

Experience: once you get going the xp goes about 4-8k per map monster (not boss or dungeon) and once you get to level 50 it starts taking several million to level. (im at 85 and its about 6k per mosnter and 30mil to level) Only 3-4 monsters can follow you at a time so no massive aoe unless in party.

cons: exp reduction for monsters higher levels then you

Instance dungeon/grind: best way to level in decent time. costs dil $ to enter dungeon. Drains money in 60+ levels. Uses same monsters as maps, nothing new.

Cons: 34-50 Nunvice, 60-90 Crespo, 90-some 115+ lvl python. Basically, you do the same dungeon a ridiculous amount of times to try and level and it drains your money to do it. Gets very repetative.

Graphics: very detail oriented and lots of shiny/ glowing things. armor/ weapons cool looking. Not a lot of option for armor/weapons at a level. (eg one weapon for level 50-60 summoner, 1 set of armor for level 50-60 summoner etc)

Cons: usually can't play on anything but low res because of the lag issues.

Deadfront: great way to level, 1/4 chance (my estimate) of getting in on a well choosen server.

Cons: often very laggy (to the point of everyone dying) often very many dc's (to the point of entire parties failing because 4/6 people disconnected) Same monsters in every level of deadfront although they get harder as you level




Horrible. Connection loss on average at least once per hour. Often times can't log back on immediatly because of "time out" error.

Lag: bad for large majority. Good for some. Depends on region, but often bad lag especially in dungeons and deadfront.

Matiencence: Server is often down for matience, seem to acknoledge issues

Cons: don't fix issues. often unsatisfactoy

Support: almost nonexistant. Will solve major player issues (character gone etc) but lacking in good technical support. most support comes from other players on the forum.

Quests: some quests allow you to get points for your guild. Others offer items/xp/ or money

Cons: their pointless quests. don't advance any storyline. Some good items, mostly not good items. Not many interesting quests, mostly "kill 25 clays to collect horns for Cooper's fake unicorn horn buisness" (you kill 25 clays then get reward, the end)



PVE: 3-4 monsters follow. decent skills provided to kill monsters fairly quickly. No massive aoe

PVP: set up decently, can pvp without asking in most PVE maps, (color cordinated)

PK: Honestly, most people on the game are assholes. They will kill you for no reason and often. If your in a guild then your guild can go pk the person who pk'd you, but then theyll send some higher level to pk them etc. It sucks during 2x exp your rushing to do as many dungeon runs as possible in 2 hours and you run 6 minutes and spend 6k just to get killed by some sadistic high level for fun.

 Guilds: 50+ lvl and 1 mil dil to make a guild. Guilds are amazing. You pick the people who arent assholes and make yourselves into a community!

Wings: For level 102+. Expensive. Add speed bonus and hp. Look cool. That's all they do. No flying.

Cash shop: decent, decently priced items. Not nessicary to buy to be successful at all. Only thing that I even consider worth it is auto pots, and their not that expensive.

Opinion: This game is bullshit. You grind and grind and grind for no other purpose then to be better then the other players so you can either pk, or defend yourself from being pk'd and theirs always someone higher then you. Almost no storyline at all (I didnt even know there was one until I checked the website). It has decent graphics if you can run them. I have had constant lagging/dc problems through the entire game to the point of extreme frustration. Horrible matientence, they dont seem to care at all. Definantly not worth the time unless you have a shitload of patience and are willing to endure being high levels punching bag until you reach a decent level (and even then you get pk'd)

I don't really feel the need to continue playing a game that adds to the stress in my life rather then eases it.


  • reddoreddo Member Posts: 115

    But you got to remember it's open beta, and they aren't finished with the game yet. It doesn't seem like it, but it's not fair to judge it by it's beta play.

  • RalsarRalsar Member UncommonPosts: 305

    It has been in open beta for a very, very long time.  Very little of what he dislikes about 2Moons is going to change when the game is released.  It is a terrible game.

  • KyoushaKyousha Member Posts: 31

    HI I've been playing this game since it's closed beta days (close to a year ago) and played all versions of it along the way (korean,japanese,eu,usa). Far as I see it this guy has mentioned alot of the major points pro's and con's.

    But a few things he hasn't mentioned are:

    The lack of genders and character creation customisation, you have to pay to just get costume that make u look even a little different but there's always lots of other ppl who'll have the same.


    There's no player shop search function, or even a auction house. This has been suggested many times to the development teams and gm's ever since closed beta.


    Currently only the EU and Asian servers have Siege (guild pvp) systems in place.


    The USA server doesnt always give you fully detailed patch notes, in the early days they didnt post patch notes.


    Overall I'll agree this is a terrible game that will never really improve (doesn't help that acclaim can't run and support its games well). The newest Patches have definitely balanced out and improved all class who are part of it. There's definatly better games and companies out there.

  • ZartyzzoZartyzzo Member Posts: 17

    It looks stupid when you hit a monster and blood flies to all sides but it has not taken very much damage. Seriously with all that blood they should be dead in 1 or 2 hits. But i have not played the game only seen videos about it.

  • hawkwindhawkwind Member Posts: 124

    I think  the "beta" deal is the best way to deal with having a crappy game. Public relations and Propaganda go hand in hand.

    Personally , I had issues with the bots as well as the lag, DC and lack of gaming depth. Yes, I played till I couldnt take it any more then got nostalgic last week and discovered my account had the characters deleted. Support? The poorest joke of them all. I know, I know F2P but having played this game and suffered I would advise players to get a better game.

    Don't ya eat the yellow snow!

  • TrucidationTrucidation Member Posts: 86

    Another old-timer posting. I actually revisited this board just to see if anything's changed, looks like it hasn't. This is why I don't play pk games, pk = lazy devs who don't have a clue what real pvp is about.

    Tell ya one thing though, the only thing I liked that stood out about 2Moons is that ranged attacks (archers) REALLY ARE ranged attacks. See, in most MMOs you can get off maybe 2-3 hits in, before the mob is in your face chewing your legs off, while you plink away at it with your bow. Thus forcing most hunter/ranger/archer types to build their characters for defense and vitality/con/stamina/whatever.


    The point of a ranged character is precisely that... to play at range. I don't mind dying in a couple of hits IF the whole point of my character WAS to only use ranged attacks. Problem is most all MMOs implement a crappy kind of ranged.

    2Moons was the only one where I had the pleasure of firing a bow at something, and watching it get held back by each shot. To balance it out, mobs had a certain damage threshold to get knocked back like that, so you couldn't for example attack something 50 levels above you and expect to push it back with your puny arrows. That's fair.

    So far 2Moons is the only game where I've seen ranged attacks "done right". Unfortunately it seems to epicly fail at most everything else, hahah.

    If anyone can point me at another grindfest that also does ranged right then feel free to post. Always on the lookout. I'm tired of playing archer-types who only do true ranged attacks like 10% of the time, and end up shooting point blank the remaining 90% of the time.

    " In Defeat, Malice; In Victory, Revenge! "

  • DukeDuDukeDu Member Posts: 73

    Yea but the thing is that this game got more balanced classes than in most games, that's what makes it fun.

  • TrucidationTrucidation Member Posts: 86

    Class balance isn't going to fool anyone, especially considering that the game is basically a pile of fail. A secondhand one, at that (see: Dekaron).

    " In Defeat, Malice; In Victory, Revenge! "

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