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Anyone else think the podcast is crap?

I don't mean to insult anyone working on the site but the Podcast is bad and that's not a insult to the people who host it but I feel like they could put more effort into it for the community. I like listening to podcasts like Giant Bomb and 1up's WOW Legendary thread which always turns into a podcast about every mmorpg anyways lol and used to listen to Gamespots before it went crap when they all left.

What I love about them is theres a few people talking about their opinions on the industry/game/genre and having a laugh doing it. It's nice to hear what the people working on the site experience in these games ad what their take on it is aswel as giving the news and interviews. The podcasts usually last 1 - 2 hours and sometimes even more and I listen to them all cause just find it interesting and funny and you get to know them like characters on a show.

When I listen to the podcast they are normally only like 10 mins long and the people hosting don't give any opinions and any experiences with games or what they're playing that week or anything personal. Normally it's a small bit of news I already know about or a poor quality interview about a game I don't care about because  lets be honest most the people willing to give interviews are releasing crap low budget mmorpgs that will fail.

I'd just like the people talking to have a personality and opinions of their own and to talk about other things other than news. I'd like them to talk about what they've been playing and get side tracked onto talking about lost or something lol... you don't always have to stay on topic.

Oh also you defo need better mics because the sound quality is really bad compared to other podcasts and can be annoying to listen to constant movement of the mic.

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