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You hate video games? want to make some money?


  • BigdavoBigdavo Member UncommonPosts: 1,863

    Yeah ever since I played GTA 2 I've been running down lines of Elvis impersonators.

    O_o o_O

  • KhuzarrzKhuzarrz Member Posts: 578

    You mean that's from GTA2?? I just started doing it because of the peer pressure of all my friends saying they were doing it...


    Guess I should have checked whether they meant IRL....


    Oops <_< >_>

  • Rikimaru_XRikimaru_X Member UncommonPosts: 11,718

    Well I think my experience started when Tenchu came out for Playstation...oh yeah. A ninja was born.

    -In memory of Laura "Taera" Genender. Passed away on Aug/13/08-

  • HYPERI0NHYPERI0N Member Posts: 3,515

    Ever since Carmageddon came out i've been driving around in my car looking for Zombies.

    Another great example of Moore's Law. Give people access to that much space (developers and users alike) and they'll find uses for it that you can never imagine. "640K ought to be enough for anybody" - Bill Gates 1981

  • GodliestGodliest Member Posts: 3,486

    Do you think they'll accept saying that ever since WoW came out and I started playing it I've been starting writing more and more l33tspeak, considering spending 1 hour per on forums being fun and keep on making jokes about my own nerdiness, and I still do it, even after quitting playing! Obviously that must be an engaging and enthralling story.



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