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Is an International Financial Conspiracy Driving World Events ?



  • baffbaff Member Posts: 9,457

    Here we go again with more nonsense.


    The richest people in the world have not all conspired to make themselves poorer.



    Or at least if they have, they didn't do it by intentional design.



    P.S. the U.S. economy has been heading for a major crash for decades now. It was only ever a matter of time before excessive borrowing would have to be repaid. Anyone who is in anyway suprised by current economic events has had their head in the sand.

  • LOLCatLOLCat Member Posts: 41

    Originally posted by Munki

    Originally posted by LOLCat

    Originally posted by Munki

    Conspiracy theories are the greatest things ever...
    You can never prove them wrong, they are like string theory.. or Freudian Psycology.
    Funny thing you learn. The ability to prove something wrong, is a HUGE factor in the strength of the argument.

    If there is not a single thing you can say to prove the theory wrong, then its not worth your time.
    Then let me give you FACTS. Oops. You can't prove FACTS wrong. I guess I'm a conspiracy theorist according to what you've typed. Anyway, I will continue...



    Over the past ten years, the U.S. dollar has lost roughly 35% of its value (if you haven't received at least a 3.5% raise per year, or equivalent at your job since then, you are now making less money than you were 10 years ago). We won't even get into any cut in benefits, pension, 401k, etc. Nor will we get into the fact that just in the last month prices have skyrocketed on just about everything.

    The Fed are bailing out Bear Sterns for over a billion dollars. Where are they getting the money?

    The Fed are bailing out mortgage bankers, and offering relief for those that default on their mortgage. Where are they getting the money?

    Over 130 million U.S. taxpayers are receiving $600 or more extra from the IRS this tax season. Where is the government getting the money?

    Where? I'll tell you where. The money is being created out of thin air. What does that mean? The U.S. dollar will be devalued even further. Even money follows the law of supply and demand when NOTHING backs its value.

    Taxes do not cover any of the above expenses. Income and Corporate taxes only cover the interest on U.S. national debt. They do not pay off the debt, just the interest. Look all of this up.

    All of this has the net effect of making the U.S. citizen's assets, if in real estate or U.S. dollars, among other commodities, worth LESS. You should NOT be happy about receiving more money this year. Nor should you be happy about all of the bail-outs that are going on.

    Oh, yeah. Did I mention that more middle eastern nations are moving on pegging oil to the Euro instead of the dollar? I didn't? Oh, well. Look it up and tell me what effect that has on the value of U.S. currency.


    I could go on and on. The government has rickrolled the U.S. arse as a whole. Get ready for the worst to come.

    No, What im telling you is if I said anything of the following "The X is doing Y" you could reply to me with "The Z made it look like the X and doing Y to cover up"


    Your theoy adapts and latches on to any argument and falsifies it. I could say that I talked with 20 men from high up, involved in government and you could reply. "They lied to you, they all do cause their a bunch of crooks"

    Its called a conspiracy theory for a reason.

    Its great that you've got this theory that explains everything. But as a second party im sorry, your argument lacks ANY citation, your facts are simply "Im telling you their facts so their facts."

    Who am I going to beleive educated, high upstanding people, or a guy on the forums and his theory that cant be proven wrong because its ALL FACT!! there is no other reasons for anything you've said. You ignore the other arguments. For example

    "The Fed are bailing out Bear Sterns for over a billion dollars. Where are they getting the money?"

    Oh I don't know exactly, but let me assure you, there ARE valid ways of getting money other than just printing it off.

    The funny thing is, you've givin no evidence. You've givin a possible scenario for each outcome, but in reality you've done nothing more than list things that happen, then give outlandish claims about your conspiracy theory. Thus (in your mind) verifying your theory, where in reality you've proved nothing other than cited obscure unrelated facts.

    Dude. It's not theory. For every one of the subjects I brought up, do a google search. You'll find that the top results are your beloved media.

    You people are latching on to my first paragraph. Which shows the ignorance that is rampant here.


    What I posted IS NOT conspiracy theory! It's straight up WALL STREET!!!! Man, what is wrong with you people? I guess I shouldn't post facts on a child's forum. Whoops. They're gonna ban me now.

  • abbabaabbaba Member Posts: 1,143

    One thing is clear to me: The world is going to end soon. This has been the case for about 20 years. Prepare yourselves, or prepare yourselves to be left behind.

  • olddaddyolddaddy Member Posts: 3,356
    Originally posted by abbaba

    One thing is clear to me: The world is going to end soon. This has been the case for about 2000 years. Prepare yourselves, or prepare yourselves to be left behind.



  • BlomiBlomi Member Posts: 200

    Originally posted by symphonius

    this topic is the absolute best topic in this forum
    bunch of 15 year olds thinking they got the world all figured out

    Lets all take a moment to thank symphonius for his valuable contribution to the discussion.

  • ByromByrom Member Posts: 236

    If memory serves, Rockefeller started the world bank, having Robert McNamara take over the reins, after running the Veit Nam war, under Kennedy and Johnson. Being let go by Johnson.

    Funny about 1991, seem to remember, then Pres  Bush, announcing a New World Order, on Sept 11th, of that same year.


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