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Talents and Quests and Mobs

Sieges111Sieges111 Member Posts: 120

TALENTS: My character is approaching level 10 and I think I will need to decide what to do with my talent points soon. Can someone point me in the direction of a guide for a Night Elf - Hunter? Also, can I wait to spend my talent points, or do I need to spend them as soon as I get them?

QUESTS: I know that if a quest giver has quests that are too difficult for me they won't issue the quest and have a gray icon above their head. What I am wondering is: if I don't take a low-level quest right away and advance too high, will I be unable to come back and do the low-level quests from a given quest giver?

MOBS: once I am a high level, will low-level mobs stop dropping items for me?



  • VrikaVrika Member EpicPosts: 5,782
    TALENTS: The talents won't disappear anywhere even if you won't spend them. But if you sometimes feel that you have made bad talent choises, you can reset all your talents at your class trainer for a fee. So it's better to pick up something as you get the talent points available even if you aren't sure that you are making the right choise.

    For hunter the best talents for leveling are probably from Beastmastery tree. But I'd suggest looking the official class forums on WoW's website, there are talent guides and example talent builds for every class.

    QUESTS: The quests won't disappear anywhere (with the exception of few seasonal quests and such), so you can return and do them later, altough finding them might become difficult since those yellow exclamation marks disappear from questgiver's head once the quest is so easy that it's considered trivial and not worth doing.

    But you don't have any need to do all the quests in game. If you feel that you are outleveling your quests just abandon or skip some of the lower level quests.

    MOBS: The mobs will drop you same items and same amount of gold for all eternity, no matter what level you are. But once you are high level, you generally don't want to kill low level mobs, since drops from higher level mobs are worth so much more.

    But you will stop gaining experience from low level mobs once you are high enough level.
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