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Selling items to NPC vendor

Sieges111Sieges111 Member Posts: 120

I don't think I understand how to sell my items to an NPC vendor (I am still on Trial).

I drag the items to the buy-back window and seem to get money put into my backpack, but there is no "confirm" button. If I close the NPC window and come back later, the items are still there and I can transfer them back to my inventory.

That seems weird to me. Is it designed that way to allow you to recover accidentally sold items? How long do the items remain there? What happens if you have more items than the NPC can take at once?



  • VrikaVrika Member EpicPosts: 6,285
    To sell your items in WoW, just click the merchant, so that the menu of stuff that he sells opens. Then open your bags, and doubleclick an item in your bags that you want to sell. And the item gets sold. There is no limit at how many items you can sell.

    The buyback window is only used to allow you buy back accidentally sold items. When you sell more items than what fits in that window, the first ones you sold just disappear, and every time you log out of the game all its contents disappear.
  • Sieges111Sieges111 Member Posts: 120

    Thank you! I guess I was just over-thinking the situation.

    It seems like Blizzard has thought of everything. In other games I have played, the ability to undo something with an NPC is often asked for, but never implemented.

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