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I've always heard such good things about Shadowbane

ZtyXZtyX Member UncommonPosts: 367

I've always heard people talk about how good Shadowbane is and how they enjoyed playing it.. So now that the game is restarting on its 5 year anniversary I have decided that I will see how good it is!

I have played Runescape, so I don't care about graphics... It's all about gameplay. And eventually you will start falling in love with ugly pixel ladies. Haha.. jk.

Anyways.. Good luck to everyone else who is looking to try out a new mmorpg. I've really heard a lot of good things about Shadowbane. Especially in Dark and Light forums and Darkfall forums. :)

/see ya


  • aachmedaachmed Member Posts: 1

    I have played SB since April 2003. SB was my first exposure to MMORPGs and got me hook on the genre. So perhaps I'm a little biased towards this now 5 year old game.

    I remember when there were many production and a couple of test servers with thousands of players on each of them. Even though there were a lot of lag and stability issues I couldn't wait to play again. And even to this day, I still enjoy making a new toon and leveling up just to try out a new race/profession/build combination that results in a new style of play.

    Over the years SB has been surpassed graphically, but IMHO, SB has yet to be outdone regarding overall game play and fun. Granted the server populations needed for huge GvG battles is not there anymore, but even the sieges that do take place are still a blast. It's great to be the victor and destroy your hated enemies; culminating in bashing their cities to rubble with your siege engines and weapons.

    Destroying even a medium size city can take hours and even though the defenders have lost, they very often regroup. While you are bashing down city walls and building, smaller skirmishes and PvP opportunities often develop, thus prolonging the siege event and overall fun.


    Of course, what goes around comes around and now you have to be wary lest your cities suffer the same fate! It takes a lot of effort and planning to build a large, successful city and when it's destroyed, you take it personally and payback is always tough medicine.

    Other MMORPGs are fine and I have played a number of them, but I have yet to find any that can offer the amount of fun that SB holds for me. Even though the basic game is no longer is development, SB is often patched with performance tweaks and character balance updates to make the game more enjoyable for the remaining population.

    I hope the renewed interest driven by the recent reset is not a temporary flash in the pan, but with so many games to choose from and SB's “old” graphics, it's almost assured that SB's population will drop drastically as it has in the past. With only 3 servers now available for play, and one of them was a last minute addition due to a surge in population triggered by the reset, I am not sure how much longer SB will be maintained, but until it goes away entirely, I will continue to play this great game.


    So if you like:


    • oodles of PvP,

    • lots of PvE,

    • GvG and siege warfare,

    • many races from which to choose,

    • lots of available professions,

    • nearly endless ways to build a toon,

    • guild politics and economics,

    • city and nation building,

    • item crafting (if you are permitted to do so by your guild),

    • and FREE game play,


    then I highly recommend you take a look at SB while you wait for the next MMORPG to be released. Maybe you will just have some fun!

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