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The Chronicles of Spellborn: Twelve New Screenshots

SzarkSzark News ManagerMember Posts: 4,420

Twelve new images from the Chronicles of Spellborn beta test have been added to our TCoS screenshot gallery.

To view the full size images, and to see the rest of the new screens, visit our gallery here.


  • BurnthebedBurnthebed Member Posts: 443

    Wow, the new screens look awesome!

    The sleeper awakes...and rides his dirtbike to the mall.

  • AriocArioc Member Posts: 299

    Ah bloom; you can turn the meagerness tatterdemalian rogue into a lavish prince! Honestly that first shot looked super sexy! I like the softened edges on the furnature, gives it a more earthy/inviting feel. Not sure if the lighting from the hearth is real-time or baked, but looks good.

    Arioc Murkwood
    Environment Artist
    Sad but true.

  • HousamHousam Member Posts: 1,460

    looks awsome :)


  • CablespiderCablespider Member UncommonPosts: 272

    Yummy! Love the look and style.


  • F1achF1ach Member Posts: 5

    Mmmmmm.. Blur.... you can never have too much blur.... ummm , I mean bloom sry :)

  • phatpeteyphatpetey Member Posts: 323

    Looks great although this doesn't say much about the game. Hope the gameplay will be as good as the graphics then this could become a real good game !


  • xcryonicxxcryonicx Member Posts: 82

    looks pretty dang cool

  • vickypollardvickypollard Member Posts: 305

    Too much blurr and bloom and effects to hide the crap graphics.

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