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A -well deserved- serious bashing. (Rant & Review)

RajaiRajai Member UncommonPosts: 331

I've been playing this game a little off and on since epic 3 came out, it's the MMO I'm currently playing

It's hard to understand just exactly what the developers actually do with all of the money they make from cash shop items. They charge just as much for a 30 day pass for Hidden Village as say World of Warcraft charges for subscription.

It's touted as a freetoplay game. "Free to play for life!"

but once you start playing you realize they made the game so that it's unplayable unless you spend money in their cash shop.

every once in a while they'll have some kind of "deal" where they sell you 54 dollars worth of stamina savers(40 hours of double experience) and a free creature card.. right but the creature card's a rare and very difficult to tame.. not to mention if you find the wrong breeder they'll just log out with your card and you'll never see it again..

and they hire GMs, i think one or two for all of the servers.

So basically if somebody jacks your card nobody's going to do anything about it.. might give the guy a bad name but he can just reroll an alt for a little while

And none of this money they make from their cash shop-which seems to be the only thing they update- goes to their servers which are notoriously laggy.

the game shuts down. often. like when you're switching characters, casting a spell

sending a message, clicking on somebody, the game is choppy and goes into error mode. the walking is even worse, there are places you get stuck walking..

if I'm going to pay 15 dollars a month for a MMORPG I'd rather spend it on one that isn't a total piece of crap.


one last thing.. I've said this before but the towns are essentially blocks with people in front of them.

the monsters are like 5 or 6 different models with different names and higher levels

no effort is put into  making this game innovative, it's a generic grindfest asian pile of crap

with a cash shop and
sloppy english, no storyline just kill 100,000,000 of this get high level so you can kill more stuff and be the top guy on the server with no life after you've wasted thousands of hours of your life in mindless repetitive dungeon parties

we don't yet have a word in english for just how <expletive deleted> this game is

except maybe craptastic

This game is craptastic.

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  • Judge-DragonJudge-Dragon Member Posts: 4

    Lol if you look around neally all free to download and play mmorpg do that its free but supreme items are bought with real money they gotta pay there powerbill and make a living to put all there time and hard work into upkeeping the game.


    and secondly if your so bloody great mate you make a game better with hundreds of different monsters etc then you can complain about how they didn't do what you wanted. Plus its Free to play, and if your a nice enough guy some1 might just buy you some stuff.


    The Dragon has Spoken!


  • RajaiRajai Member UncommonPosts: 331

    I'm assuming you've never played. Because on the Bahamut server the lag is USUALLY so bad that it makes this game unplayable. It's so bad in fact that you can watch your character get hit to death in 5 minutes while clicking to attack back does nothing, moving and skills do nothing scroll does nothing logging out does nothing.

    I'm sure this game is fine if you don't mind the fact that all there is to do is kill stuff and pvp. thousands and thousands of hours of killing stuff and pvping, the storyline is just about nonexistant, there is little to no lore, you can't even DP because the lag is so bad you wipe training to the camp.

    The only thing remotely entertaining is pvp but you can't even pvp because of wrath.. and lag


    New Edit:

    This game could easily pass for a game that's still in Beta, if you play you'll notice that by doing random things your client will crash randomly

    The game is not fully rendered, you can walk around fine but you'll get stuck many times going from point A to point B

    The guild system is still buggy, your class sometimes wont show up on the guild roster

    Guild invites currently don't work while you're in a party, party invites sometimes don't work if you're in a guild, monsters sometimes drop in unrendered locations and that really sucks if it's like a pixie card drop :x

    The servers are laggy and unstable, don't be coaxed to believe otherwise..

    there are regular daily server crashes(bahamut has ~3 a day on average) there are regular rollbacks

    But for a game that's still in beta they will charge an arm and a leg for cash shop items, every once in a while they will have an ***omg sale deal!!***

    45 dollars for a complete character wipe where you get all your job points and levels back and you can change classes as you choose..

    and people buy them up

    I mean if you have 45 dollars to blow go play Lineage 2, Lineage 2 beats the living piss out of this poorly made game - -

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