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[?] Attempting to log into server

erickeKerickeK Member Posts: 6

Well, the subscription thing is setup, the game is patched, the account is set; but when I login with my UBISOFT account, it goes to the "Attempting to log into server" screen, which then nothing else happens, I've had it "Attempting to log into server" while I went AFK for dinner about 30 minutes, still no go. Not sure if its becauase my router or some internet issue? Everyone trying to login at once? Account is bein' dumb? Just not sure.

Help please >.>


  • ArzhAngelArzhAngel Member Posts: 427


    I have the same problem, I have been trying for the last 2 days now.

  • HowHighHowHigh Member Posts: 30

    The game has been down from the dates 19th-25th march for patch and server reasons. You shouldent have a problem now.


  • erickeKerickeK Member Posts: 6

    Yeah, I just tried like, 5-10 minutes ago, but no good.

  • HowHighHowHigh Member Posts: 30

    yeah i cant atm as well its the server being refreshed happens every day at this time just keep trying every few min should be up any moment

  • erickeKerickeK Member Posts: 6

    Can you post back here when it is up? Trying to log in and having to restart your computer because your CTRL-ALT-DEL window gets fucked up when attempting to get out of SB is a bit time consuming.

  • HowHighHowHigh Member Posts: 30

    servers are up

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