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My 9Dragons review

ElriconElricon Member Posts: 1

This game is definately something to wow about, it's graphics, and the inclusion of Kung Fu fighting abilities make it unique. It has 6 Clans which are quite simular maybe differencing in one weapon, no matter what clan you are in you can master any weapon, which can make your character quite versitile. Its is a little annoying at times but this game has in-game advertisements, but realize this is a free game, conveniantly they have an item-mall for those with a little extra cash to get items to help their character, but you can get along just fine without it. Leveling up even when it gets to high levels is not a true grind fest, also with many skills, weapons, Kung Fu, and the ability to use weapons higher level then you makes the game more exciting to grind, and play through. Although lack of many different Monsters could be a down part of leveling, creating repeatitivenness just remember that the more you fight, the more chance to move on.


  • rev_lazarorev_lazaro Member Posts: 270

    Alright, I used to play this about a year ago. I know they just added some more PvP stuff to do and a new map. But any word on things like the advanced clans?

  • TrashcantoyTrashcantoy Member Posts: 827

    it is said someone can join advanced clans at lvl 150.. but the current lvl cap even with the new map is about 136 and the advanced clans have not been added to any version, not even the korean or vietnamese versions who are like a year ahead off the acclaim version sadly

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