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The 3 Similars

Cabal Online/World Of Warcraft/ Guild Wars are very similar but has diffrent gameplay and graphics.



  • prpshrtprpshrt Member Posts: 258

    please, if you must

    compare WoW and GW

    dont bring cabal

    have played all 3 and heres my advice

    GW: for kick ass pvp and power in the game lies in ur guild/alliance and ur skill bar.

    WoW: excellent PvE in my opinion with a huge population

    Cabal: dont waste your time its crap dont download!

    i play GW now cause it has better PvP and  graphics than WoW

  • DouhkDouhk Member Posts: 1,019

    Well, a poll isn't really that good of an idea for a video game... each of the games you selected are good in their own ways, it's all personal taste and what kind of game you prefer. Here's my opinion on each:

    WoW: at the current moment the best P2P (pay-to-play) you can find, yet this year seems that they will be giving WoW some seriously needed competition. Generally nice graphics that don't require a high system req, somewhat balanced classes, decent PvP. Overall WoW is a very clean game technically-wise, but has an extremely poor community of players. If you're looking for an "MMO" game then you might want to wait for some games to come out like Age of Conan or Warhammer Online later this year (AoC coming in merely more than a month from now).

    Cabal: Well, in my opinion you're rarely going to find a decent F2P (free-to-play) game. This game is actually pretty good for being so. No matter what F2P game you find, you're going to get a lot of lag and a lot of spammers. And this game's graphics somewhat add to it, but if you have a good computer this game would definitely be worth a try if you don't want to pay for any games or just want to try something new without loss of hard earned cash. One thing I have to say that's really nice about this game is that it has a really great combat system. Very smooth motion and the combo system adds something new to generic MMORPGs.

    Guild Wars: A very good game if you prefer PvP over PvE. The game is basically centered around PvP... you're going to find very little content for PvE. Though, the PvE content you get is pretty decent. You'll definitely get some entertainment and each campaign should take you about a month or less to complete the storyline. It's short but not extremely over-extended, which I hate in most online games where I just want to finish the story. The graphics are very impressive with a low system requirement. The combat is very unique to most current MMORPGs. And like I've already stated, the PvP as a whole is probably the best currently out there.

    Which I play now: Today, out of all these the only one I still have installed on my computer is Guild Wars, and I play it on occassion, but not as much as I used to. WoW was fun for me while it lasted, but got tiring fast. I could never reach past lvl 46... it all just felt like the same grind over and over. But the game doesn't have such a huge fanbase for no reason, so they're doing something right. Chances are it will appeal to you for at least a little while. I would suggest at least trying it. Cabal is a good game if you're just getting into online games. It's free, basically, which makes it a good game to start with. I myself got tired of this game and uninstalled it after about a week of playing it, but it's worth a try. Some people like it and some don't, and if you're going to try any F2P, this is definitely one that actually isn't absolutely dreadful. Guild Wars, basically, is the only game I have installed still because I'm an MMORPGer who likes PvP. The fact that this game has no subscription and is focused on PvP goes hand in hand. I get tired of PvP in the same game after while, and I take game breaks frequently, so I don't have to let my money drain. I've owned this game for over a year and still am not completely tired of it, which says a lot for me. So, if you're basing your poll on our own personal experiences, Guild Wars is probably the best for it's worth.

    image If only SW:TOR could be this epic...

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