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The wife-aggro Podcast 48: The Earthrise Interview

This week, Rage is joined by two members of Masthead Studios.

Atanas Atanasov, CEO, and Apostol Apostolov, Lead Designer, visited our Ventrilo server to discuss their upcoming MMO, Earthrise.

Some of the topics include:

  • An overview on the Continoma and Noir
  • The Types of Guilds in Earthrise
  • Guild versus Guild Combat
  • Guild and Player Housing
  • Crafting
  • Skill-based Characters
  • Vehicles
  • “Gold” selling

Rage and I want to thank the folks over at Masthead for making this interview possible. It’s obvious that they’re passionate about their game and, after listening, I’m sure you’ll agree they have some innovation going on over there in Bulgaria.




  • TordakTordak Member Posts: 285

      I really, really enjoyed the podcast.  The info. disclosed within that 56mins, or so, was absolute gold. 

     This title is the closest thing to SWG preNGE that anyone could hope for and at the same time caters to both casual and hardcore gamers.

    Finaly, a skill based sci-fi sandbox MMO inwhich you can dare to believe. 

     If, lately, you've ever missed what MMORPG's were always meant to be, this title promises years not months of enjoyment. 

    - Indepth World building crafting with no junk items.

    - Player and game driven politics, economies(yep, plural).

    - Guild based housing and pvp dominated territories.

    - Offline, ingame player compensations.

    - Once again, the ability to run your own merchant shop.

    - From the start a solo friendly game world that still promotes group play and guild dynamics.(PvE/PvP)

    - Interchangeable, Classless character development with few sticking points, if and when, you decide to focus your character another direction. 

     Yep, I'm sold and await this releases launch... 

    * Life is not black or white, it's shades of grey. But, at it's best/worst, it hints at 32bit color. -Me (a.k.a. RuthlessTimes)

    * I do not need to know how to make a better game than you. I just need to know how to cancel my subscription. -Antarious(a slight misquote but the sentiment remains)

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