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Just downloaded and played the trial for the first time

Sieges111Sieges111 Member Posts: 120

I just downloaded and played the trial for the first time last night and was very impressed. I've played EVE, Ryzom, Entropia Universe, Rappelz and RF Online.

The only thing I had trouble with was the method of attacking and interacting with mobs. In other the games I played, you can double-click on a mob that is pretty far away and your character will run over and interact (attack, or whatever). In World of Warcraft, I just get the alert that I am too far away to attack and need to run closer. Also, if the mob runs away, or runs behind me, I have to follow or turn to keep attacking. Is there a way to turn on "automatically move into range and attack"?


  • Pappy13Pappy13 Member Posts: 2,138

    Go into the options and check the "click to move" box.  It has limitations, but it's a start.  It works great for non combat related things like checking the mailbox, talking to an NPC, accessing the guild bank or auction house, looting mobs, etc.  Just right click and it will move you close enough to interact.  Combat is a little flakey because it tends to move to the spot that the mob was when you clicked on it, not necessarily where the mob is when you get there.  And of course it doesn't work with most ranged skills, those you still have to get into range to use, but it will work with a melee weapon.  Just right click on the mob and you'll move to melee distance and start attacking.

    Also note that there is an auto-run feature that I always use rather than constantly pressing on the forward key.  By default I believe it's the backspace key but I map it to something that's a bit easier to get to.  Once you engage auto-run you'll keep moving forward and all you have to do is steer left or right until you either hit it again to disengage or just simply tap the back button which also turns it off.


  • TordakTordak Member Posts: 285

    It's been quite awhile for me and that title but I don't believe theres's an auto approach or a /stick(face target command)...

    For approach the more you play the range will become second nature(as with the others).

    I believe clicking on target when in range will still start a standard auto attack. 

    As for the auto face target that would be a big surprise as it would make the later PVP focus of the game a bit less technical(little bit of character control is needed) but again haven't played in some time and can't recall how that works or if they added the option in during an expansion.


    EDIT-  well there you go-- sry 'click to move'  ;P

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  • dethgardethgar Member Posts: 293

    There is no move to target function, and such would cause troubles in instances and such due to pulling aggro while your character paths. If you must, use click to move, but it will be counter-intuitive in PvP.

  • chrislekochrisleko Member Posts: 200

    I don't really think so, besides that could cause many complication.  While that works, I believe for games like Guild War, WoW doesn't really need this.  This can cause problems for ranged attackers.  Plus, it takes some of the "skill" it takes to play wow (I'm not a big fan of Wow, but have been outmanuvered by some well played opponents).

  • Pappy13Pappy13 Member Posts: 2,138

    There are a few skills that will automatically turn your character towards the target, but the target already has to be in front of you, just not necessarily looking directly at them.  For instance, aimed-shot for a hunter will "follow" your prey once you begin the attack and I believe that arcane missles works the same way.  I don't believe there are any skills that will automatically turn your character towards the target if they are behind you.  That you must do yourself.


  • fleetmarronfleetmarron Member Posts: 2

    it sucks when your a noob but when your in an instance you cant run after a single target cos you'll stray away of your group unknowingly and get massacred. you just have to get over it 

  • VrikaVrika Member EpicPosts: 5,786
    There is no "move automatically to range and attack", moving and maneuvering during combat is part of the fun in WoW, especially in PvP it's very important part.

    But if you find it hard, you can choose a caster-class (mage, warlock or priest), and you won't have to do it so much. And if you play only PvE (with some other class than hunters or warriors), you won't ever need to be very skilled at moving around. But sill, in WoW you have to keep your hands on the keyboard and be ready to move practically always, it's part of the game.

    Edit: If I remember correctly, there is also option to move with the mouse, you can find it from interface options. You can't manage very well by moving with mouse in PvP or if you play with hunters, but if you play some caster class and PvE you could probably use only mouse to move very well.
  • PepsipwnzgodPepsipwnzgod Member Posts: 203

    It took me around an hour to get used to the moving with WASD thing but once i got used to it i uninstall a game if i see it's click to play, it's addicting and makes pvp a lot more fun, it's not hard really, takes a small bit of the "click and wait" pve away


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