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Server Saedron

HowHighHowHigh Member Posts: 30

This is a role playing server which goes live on march 25/2008 fresh new server for people interested in coming to shadowbane i recommend checking it out.

If interested my guild Armageddon is recruiting using the irekei charter let us know if you would like to play with us.


  • WootNationWootNation Member Posts: 244

    Good luck with your guild

    Give me a good skill based sandbox game, and i'll give you a cookie!

  • HowHighHowHigh Member Posts: 30

    thank you we appreciate it

  • CenCalCenCal Member Posts: 60

    Good luck on Saedron HowHigh. I would call it a Lore server however. Here is a link to help explain the different factions and some of the restrictions.


  • xeeeemeeeeeoxeeeemeeeeeo Member Posts: 20

    I'll be online Andrew.  If your first toon is HowHigh I'll /who and find you.  I think most of my friends are rolling aelf scouts to start out with but we might be tempted to roll some SD scouts if you can promise awesome PvP and template help.  (Im rusty!)

  • HowHighHowHigh Member Posts: 30

    Yeah my main will be howhigh like always :P and as for pvp server is live on the 25th were gonna try to drop a stone on the 26th

  • HowHighHowHigh Member Posts: 30

    we got a few new members and still hoping to get more. If your interested in playing lore server saedron let us know

  • JuankisJuankis Member UncommonPosts: 166

    How hard is it to log into the server, as the other ones alway mark as full, I've been meaning to play an Irekei for some time, but the guilds I've been with have not given them much support.

  • HowHighHowHigh Member Posts: 30

    well were a full irekei charter so will be giving them as much support as possible lol. but for as logging in if the server is up you shouldent have any problems getting in.

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