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tck_tokyotck_tokyo Member Posts: 125

Freelancer Union is a non-obligation corporation that quite simply provides you with a means of joining a small-mid sized community of freelancers that you can choose to communicate with, work alongside or do pretty much whatever you want with, the only thing we ask of you in return is to not pirate or put down the name of the corporation by acting like an a$$hat.

Previously we would accept almost any person in but now we are becoming more specific of who to invite. If you've got, and know how to operate a battleship (i.e. you didn't just inherit a bunch of cash, but you actually have some experience) and you also have teamspeak or would be able to use teamspeak (i.e. have a decent headset) and you are also a quite active player, we'd love to have you tag along in our corporation. If interested and you think you fit the criteria, please contact:

Anjelle, Jack Soul or Dyor ingame.

Thank you for your time, and whatever decision you make we wish you safe sailing =)




I love rain, the color gray, and small apartments.
I hate CS, the term n00b and this thing --> ^^
But that's just me.

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