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Questions form a potential new player

Sieges111Sieges111 Member Posts: 120
  1. Is there durability on items? If there is, can the items be repaired when they break?
  2. Does your character need to eat to live?
  3. Is there player owned housing?
  4. Is there a warehouse for storage?
  5. Is there an offline messaging system (e.g. post office)? Can you tell if someone has read your message? Is there a notification when you receive a message in your inbox?
  6. Can you have pets and/or mounts? Do they need to eat to live?
  7. How are the controls? Can you use the two-mouse-button run method of moving?
  8. Is your avatar class-based or skill-based? If you mess up your build, can you pay to correct it, or do you have to start over?

I'm sure I will think of more. Thank you for any help!


  • sakari96sakari96 Member Posts: 5


    3.hmm maybe no i think


    5.hmm no

    6.yes but u dont need feed them


    8.class based of course


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