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This game needs to spread

Arcade style gameplay, fun, and free.

Here's how to start the game:

visit: http://lunia.12foottall.com/, download the client, sign up, and create your character.

The game seems incredibly simple at first, but then comes the advanced combos and PvPing. The bread & butter of this game IS PvPing. It's refreshing and different from the click, wait for guy to die gameplay. Just take a look:


Skip the crappy intro song and look at the fast-paced, non-stop action of high lvl PvPing. At first, you're probably thinking 'wth is going on why does that guy have a sunflower as a wpn that's pretty gay' but as you play, you'll slowly understand what moves they're doing and how they're doing it.

The game involves minimal mouse usage and in the future you'll even be able to use a gamepad.

Oh, and for you beta players, the game was 'bought' by a company (12foottall.com) and they're updating frequently. They claim they're going to release new cash shop items every two weeks and the prices are pretty cheap (75 cents for an extra inventory bag for 30 days.. and you don't even NEED this stuff). Cash items are just for customizing your looks, mainly. They also released lots of crap people wanted, so check it out.

So what's stopping you and your friends from starting? Spread the word.


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