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New to Tales of Pirates?

Imma just help noobs and .. People who started to play TOP.

Best way to get 5 levels is by doing the quests of the Newbie Guide.

She'll show you around Argent/Shaitan/Icicle. And the people you meet will give you armour and food to start off with.

Firstly, depending on who you've chosen to be your character, (Carsise, Lance, Phyllis or Ami) you'll get different jobs.

If your a type of PvP guy, I'd say build your attack mostly.

For example, if your an ami herbalist, build your sp.

You'll become strong in PvP.


Anyway continueing, so once you've chosen your character and done the quests.

For sure your going to want to level more.

Then w/e, level all you want. Once you've reached level 9, you'll get to accept your first job/class.

Swordsman (Carsise, Lance)

Herbalist (Phyllis, Ami)

Hunter (Phyllis, Lance)

Explorer (Phyllis, Lance, Ami)


I recommend you to not choose explorer as your first character.

Explorers are very powerful in skills, but they need corals to use them, and they don't come cheap.

So once you've chosen your characters job, you'll get extra HP and extra FP/MP w/e.

And also, you'll have skills, and new armour.

Specific places sells specific items/armour.

Icicle - Sells hunter armour/weapons.

Argent - Sells swordsman & explorer armour/weapons.

Shaitan - Sells herbalist armour/weapons.


When you reach level 15, you will be able to buy your first boat, but it'll be useless right now.

Unless, you got lots of NSS (New Sheepskin Scrolls), NSS are rare monster drops, from level 15 to 40, they give a Carribean Treasure Map, which can give you random armour, some unbuyable.  And the armour will be better then in shops. But usually people don't buy it, if it's not an Unsealed or a level -40 armour. To get your treasure, you'll need to go to a specific island.

In Shaitan Harbor, there will be a tiny island right below it, once you found that, go west of the island, there will be a teleport that leads you to the Treasure Gulf Region, stay right beside the island, or you will die from pirates near by, once you've found the docks, land and then double click your NSS if you haven't yet (You cannot trade or sell Carribean Treasure Maps) once you recieve a Carribean Treasure Map, double click it, and it will show in the chat box, in the system area, the coordinates to your treasure. Once you have the coordinates typed in (Ctrl+R or the button under your navigator), find your treasure and when your ontop of it, double click your map to recieve your treasure, I recommend this when you are level 30+, cause there are some times a wolf will appear, and attack you, it is level 30 to 50, and it's not easy to kill.

So just continue quests and leveling.

To get Life Skills, you will need to do Story Quests.

You can do your first story quest after you've chosen your class.

Speak to the newbie guide (I think) to do your first story quest.

If it's not the newbie guide, then it's whoever gave your class. (Castle Guard, High Priest Gannon, etc)


This may not be a good.. Tutorial about the game, but it's better then listening to the newbie guide.

Anyway, to buy skills, you will need to go to a Grocery, in the city best suited for your class.

Herbalist, Shaitan Grocery

Swordsman & Explorer, Argent Grocery

Hunter, Icicle Grocery


Level 10 to 30 will be pretty fun, but it will take awhile to get there.

So why level yourself?

TOP has added a promotion program, to help newbies. People with level 41 and higher, may level people level 40 and lower.

Known as Mentors and Disciples, you can simply go to the Abandoned Mine Haven in Argent and look for a mentor (DO NOT PAY FOR A MENTOR), there are many mentors that scam and want money to powerlevel you.

They all suck, anyway, they can plvl you very fast to 40.. Well not that fast, but fast to 30.

Once you've gotten to 35, you can go into a PvP area called FC (Forsaken City), although you need an Ancient Generator and a boat to get in, the prizes at FC are very valuable. FC is only for level 35 to level 45, so I recommend you go when you are level 45, and with a party so you don't get killed by other players.

If you need an Ancient Generator, you can buy some from stalls for 20k to 25k, or you can easily make one by killing level 25 bandits west of Rockery Haven, in Andes Forest.

You'll need 10 Robot Cores and 5k, when you have that, talk to Little Danny in Argent City.

There are many PvP areas like FC, but for higher levels. Most PvP areas you'll need a boat, also, depending on the region your boat is docked.

FC is only in Shaitan, at exactly 1500, 3666.

So you might want to make a boat in Shaitan.

You can make big $$$ by going to FC many times a day.

FC opens every 3 hours, 12:00, 3:00, 6:00, 9:00.

PM and AM.

In FC, you can get various things, and the monsters are very strong. Even though there level is low, they're like level 48's. They have lots of HP, and give very good drops, if your lucky, you'll get gems. They can go from 30k to over 300k+.


Also, there will be some treasures around FC, though FC only give Skeletar Chests and Beauty Chests, Skeletar Chests give level 30 armour or weapon. Beauty Chests are completely random.

They can give Lv5 Corals (which you cannot buy, only in private shop) or things for your hair (scissors, comb, hairgel, etc) and many other things.

Unseals and Seals - Unsealed and Sealed armour/weapons are very rare items, that are very expencive, the cheapest unsealed you'll find is a level 35 one for hunter or carsise - swordsman, for about 80k. From the info I know about them, you can get unsealed armour from NSS, or you can get sealed from PvP areas such as FC or DS, and turn them into unsealed with the proper items by talking to a specific person in Shaitan. Unsealed and Sealed are very powerful armour/weapons with special adds that help you with your build, a level 35 unsealed armour can last till your level 50. It's very effective in battles, especially PvP.

Now if you want money, you can go to FC many times for gems and treasure (go with a party), also, there is Level20 Smugglers below Abandoned Mine Haven in argent, that give drops of 90g each, it's not much, but you can make a little money off it. Or, you can sell things you find, rare items such as NSS, if you don't need or can't use, it's worth 20k to 28k each.

When you get enough money, around 100k+, you can do the Hexathon, it's a great way to level fast, and it's every saturday, in the morning and at night, (I think) 10:00 EST AM, or 11:00, one of them, sometimes they're late to release it. Hexathon is 6 quests that give ALOT of experience, untill you get to level 50, it will start giving a little less, it's practically money for experience, the hexathon will give you about 3 levels, maybe 4. The higher the level, the more experience you will recieve, I suggest you start doing the hexathon when you have about 200k and are level 30+.


If you want your game to be fun, try joining an active guild, or navy division, which I think is just like a guild. They can help you alot, like they helped me. Partying will help you level too, so good luck xD.


Once you have reached level 40, you can choose your second class/job! It must be relating to your first class and character.


Swordsman - Crusader [Lance] Champion [Crusader]

Herbalist - Ami & Phyllis, Two choices, either Seal Master, or Cleric

Explorer - Voyager

Hunter - Sharpshooter


As you now are your second class (Do not forget to open your yellow box thing in your inventory, which will give you 20k and is called Guiding Chest, open BEFORE you become second class) you will recieve new skills and new armour and weapons, of course, stronger and better. Also, you can get different kind of boats by different levels. Once you get to level 41, you will not recieve anymore plvls from your mentor, but that good thing is you can plvl others for rewards, when you go on the site, and you have a disciple that you plvled, you can exchange your reputation points for credits, in the item mall, only some items may be bought with credits, cause you can only buy from the Award Center.


I think when you reach level 50 for the first time, you will recieve 100 points for the item mall, you can buy anything that is under 100 points.

(I think) 400 reputation points = 50 Credits

So it aint easy to get credits, if you plvl your disciple to level 41, you will recieve 500 reputation points, no matter how many levels you have gave him, if you started plvling him from level 40, and leveled him, you will recieve those 500 reputation.


And also, to plvl, you need your disciple in a party with you, just incase you didn't know xD


I hope my tutorial helped you. I don't know how people make millions easily, but I think FC will give you lots, I have various accounts, so if you need any help on TOP, you can just message my account, and I'll answer. Thanks for reading xD

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