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Lunia Update

Just to let you people know Lunia had a small update.( They changed there website to    lunia.12foottall.com). I don't really know all the things they did but here is what I noticed since i came back to Lunia.

*Fixed alot of the bugs.

*Added a cash shop, and having Events now to earn money

*Added a new character   (makes 4 in total so far, but 2 more still to come)

*Added a new stage

*Added new guild ranking system

*More quest, and areas to expolre

*More PvP maps

*More monsters



(I might have miss some things sorry >.<) But over all the game seems a lot better now with. There are more things to do so you won't get bored that easily.


O yeah, here is there fourm page   http://www.mylunia.net/forum/index.php

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