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HardinHardin Member Posts: 70
If you consider EVE and are of a roleplay nature then check out

Amarr Victor


  • MalkavianMalkavian Member UncommonPosts: 2,995

    Very well done, I commend your efforts.

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    "When you find yourself sinking into Madness, dive"

  • HardinHardin Member Posts: 70
    Thank you image

    Amarr Victor

  • XardrixXardrix Member Posts: 3

    PIE is IMHO the greatest Role Playing PVP corp in EVE. The only restrictions are that you must be Amarr (Race) and must only fly Amarr ships (can have the ability to fly others, just not while part of PIE)

    I was a member of the Gladius Legion, good friends with PIE, and have met lot of them personally and they are all great guys (for the most part).

    Any amarr looking for a great corp to join would do well to atleast contact PIE representatives, Hardin being one of the best.

    Alternatively, AmAx is agreat corp for PVP and Role Playing for the Non-Amarr or the Amarr whom prefer to fly non Amarr ships. I am amarr, and I fly Amarr ships, but the only reason i chose AMAX as my corp is the CEO is a good RL friend and incredable pilot.

    For the Minmatar freedon fighters out there, please join -MM- so i can shoot at you ::::40::


  • DrakolusDrakolus Member UncommonPosts: 134

    Are Ni-kuni's able to join PIE?  I fly Amarr only ships and just curious right now.  Also what kind of wars is PIE in right now?  I tend to carebear mine in Yulai and I am not a big fan of getting OMGWTFBBQ'd while I hug rocks.  Thanks for the info and btw great site :).

  • bwhuffbwhuff Member Posts: 3

    HA! PIE is the SECOND greatest RP corp in the game. Don't listen to this Amarr dribble. It is obviously propoganda meant to sway people from the Fight for FREEDOM!


    GO Masuat'aa Matari


    Many people from all over the galaxy united to end slavery


  • DrakolusDrakolus Member UncommonPosts: 134



    The only thing I have found minmatars to be good for is target practice or making me money with their labor.  Besides all that though, you do have some cool trucker glasses image


    On a serious note though, I do enjoy the roleplaying aspect and I am hoping with the advent of the cold war, the random distrobution of races will tend to match the empire you are in a little bit more.

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