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totem battle

peijiepeijie Member Posts: 6

how is the totem battle in AO? is it fun enough?



  • BloodyRoseBloodyRose Member Posts: 11

    I personally haven't joined in a totem battle yet (I'm only a level 32 ) But if you want to see what a totem battle is like, try and search it on youtube. It has some pretty good videos on what it's like.

    Hope it helps

  • DarkHunter30DarkHunter30 Member Posts: 2

    yh i agree im only lvl 28 lol but nice vids on youtube

  • curbycurby Member Posts: 1

    Well the totem war is fun in ao

    only problem is that the high lvl guys in some servers go around and kill low level ppl for fun and that makes some ppl quit the game cause its no fun this way

    but if  you are quiet high in level u will have fun for sure!!!

    (curby ao rehael summoner lvl61)

  • greedsgreeds Member Posts: 5

    BTW, I don't think the same, the Totem War is so interessant becouse we always have to make ralatioships whit angels of another factons becouse much of the times when a LEAGUE Own a totem it have to make Alliances to make easy the totem protection, Generally in the server 3 LEAGUES is more Powerfull than the Others, cuz the SECRET AREA, area where just totem owners can enter givs much XP, Money, etc, and there have 2 tipes of SECRET AREAS The normal ones, and the ADVANCED TERRA, In the advanced terra you can get lvl 60 easy, and much of the "powerfull guys" whit high lvl apply ur time to protect the Totens...


    And Killing other gives too Credits ^^


    There have 12 Totens, You have to brake the totem to own it, 3 Advanced totens (whit ADVANCED TERRA) and 9 normal totens.

    And nobody quit AO cuz got Killed in a War, it's Noobish >.>


    Greeds / lvl 66 in Haniel / lvl 75 in Sofiel / lvl 60 in Atlantis / lvl 60 in Zeus


    Or Not ~~

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