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Driven by Item Mall, sadly

KorbyKorby Member Posts: 499

You will be greatly behind EVERYBODY unless you spend hundreds of dollars (literally) on Item Mall.

$50 to upgrade a pet that can die and run away from you at any time? Unreasonable!

$40 to reset your skills? Unreasonable!

$60++ for an outfit with zero extra stats? Unreasonable!

 You can only register 1 character on 1 account unless you pay $30 for the multi-char card.

There's also only 15 slots in storage unless you pay $30 for a 1-month increase of slots.

No thanks, leave this game to the rich slobs or those who can't manage their money. Angel Online and igg in general is way too item mall driven. I remember on the news how there was a problem with kids on MapleStory spending too much cash on Item Mall. IGG's games are so much worse.



  • Creeping1Creeping1 Member Posts: 2

    i been playing awile and i have yet to spend any money but i also armorsmith 47 and 1 armor i can make 1 mill ezzy  pet upgrade is maybe 3.5mill so its not bad yet if u use skills

  • BloodyRoseBloodyRose Member Posts: 11

    It's really 3 characters for 1 account.

    You can create 1 character on each server for free.

    (just to let you know)

  • beckhambeckham Member Posts: 68

    you can buy the master's love to stop your pet running from you.

    and the angel baby can help you protect your pet as well.

    well, money is important. lol........

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