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Firefox and quotation edits.

ladyattisladyattis Member Posts: 1,273

I'm having a serious issue with editing posts that I make on this website, and it's been one that has persisted for about two major revisions of firefox, and that quote tags are literally mangled by whatever scripts that manage them. For example, I may have three to four blocks of quote tags, where each one quotes a specific portion of text, which I submit in a post and is retained for that instance of the post. But, when I go to edit the same post, certain parts of quote tags (either the ending closing tag or an opening tag) go missing. I know that the editing interface itself is IE centric, but can I have some help as to alleviate this problem within firefox?

-- Brede


  • randomtrandomt Member UncommonPosts: 1,220

    the default edit box for posts is crap in firefox, and possibly will be crap in ie 8 now that microsoft is defaulting it to being standard compliant instead of custom crap.. you can change the default in your profile settings.. although it seems to me that i keep having to manually switch it anyway, annoyingly enough.

    The box also messes with the right click functionality for correcting spelling, among other things, offering a cut n paste box with gets security denied by firefox. Dunno who the genius as mmorpg's web design firm is, but he isnt very keen.

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