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My views after I play the game

xuxin86xuxin86 Member Posts: 10

After I played it for about 2 months,I fell boring and just stand there.

At the first time you will fell so interesting when just start it,the graphics is nice,you will see a lot of beautiful scene.At the beginning you can level quickly,often a quest will level you one time.

The spell sounds terrific especially when you get the high level one.

But...after your level is much higher,you will find few thing to do.Only commercial travel and some other events,that is not enough.

about the pet,there are all fine but not practical,and its price looks a little expensive.

As I played other games,they had guild contest on the weekend,and you could also do the guild quest to level up,they often have many different sorts of  quest for you to choose,not just the festival events

Hope they will make the game more popular and enjoyable



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