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Be hacked or scammed,what can i do?

nemo512nemo512 Member Posts: 2

i donot  know in other games,how does GM deals with that problem.If we are hacked or scammed in tales of pirates,who can help us and deal with that probelm?


  • tontoningtontoning Member Posts: 7

    go to tale of pirates mine site and go to live supported and tell them what happen and they will report it


  • T420T420 Member Posts: 5

    If U got hacked thats really sux, live support report or whatever they do, but they will not give ur items back ToP get hacked alot lately on all servers. Moust of players from Dead sea sea moved to new 'Angelic' server cuz there was really bad hackin issue. on my server I hear every week that some of high lvl player got hacked. About scamming I just wanna say one thing...If U too stupid to put stuff in trade and press CONFIRM and then TRADE right away ....well maybe u deserve to be scammed.

  • maca87maca87 Member Posts: 1

    ive been scammed by other people once. they have their tactic that make us become careless. from my experience, the scammers use a tactic like keep canceling the trade n said sorry.lastly,without u notice,he exchange the item that valueless for trade.for exmp, u want 2 buy fairy f life lvl 10,bu they give fairy of life lvl 0.same 2 others item that has same appearence, and thats how people often get scammed.

  • GM can support u, but they dont give u item lol ^^

    Only ur friends can help u to get some gold and start all again .__.

  • icedfoxicedfox Member Posts: 9

    If you insist alot and put alot of pressure on the LiveSupport GMs, you can get them to check who logged on your account last, thus tracking their IP, and check your inventory status before the hack.

    However, if you have got scammed by your own means and fault, they will not do anything let alone help you out. Sorry dude

  • HousamHousam Member Posts: 1,460

    f2p= no support.

  • icedfoxicedfox Member Posts: 9

    ToP has turned into a Maller game = Item Mall dependant. That way, LS mostly helps the big mallers; and kind of lets go of the free players, no matter how long they've played. A strategy not well adopted as some old players I know, such as myself, have malled before but do not mall anymore due to lack of IGG service in ToP. I have had a story quest bug since Union war came out in july/august 2007 and it still hasn't been fixed

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