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Help me find something new...

gothokaosgothokaos Member UncommonPosts: 145

Ok guys and gals,

I'm in a bit of a dilemma, my wife and I are bored of the latest MMORPGS and are looking for a "OFFLINE" rpg to play. Something with good graphics and good gameplay that we can play networked. We are currently playing Dungeon Siege but you cannot save your campaign, only your characters. Please help us out here! Thanks in advance!

Gothokaos Maelstrom


  • MountainDewMountainDew Member Posts: 119
    I pretty much dont play offline RPGs, but the only one that i can think of that i watch one of my friends play are Age of Empires, not sure if that good enough for ya, heh, think its an oldie.

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