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Should i get all the boxes?

BrotheryangBrotheryang Member UncommonPosts: 174

I played Gw a long time ago when it first released but im just wondering if i should go and get all the boxes out now? can i hop between all three of them and have a lot of fun?


i looked around but i always see people saying which one should they buy so it dosnt really answer my question about having fun on all three


  • SinzOfManSinzOfMan Member UncommonPosts: 224

    Did you have fun in the first one?  If you enjoyed it, then the others are definitely worth getting.  Factions is alot smaller than prophecies so you'll finish it quicker but it is fun and you get to try out the 2 new classes the assassin and the ritualist.  plus there is 2 different forms of PVP introduced in factions where you compete with random teams of 12 in this map where one team defends a base and the other team tries to break in ; ].  it's pretty cool.


    Then nightfall introduces hero's.  henchmen that you can control and can pick what skills and attributes they use.  They are amazing, and there are these hero battles where you fight 1 on 1 with other players.  4vs4 you and 3 heroes.  they are boring though lol.  The campaign is really good though, and again 2 more classes to try out  the dervish and the paragon.


    If you play the game, it's worth it to have all campaigns.  you can bring all your characters to each land as long as you add the campaign to your current account when you activate it.  It's worth getting all 3 just for the skills alone.  Nightfall has alot of overpowered skills that you would be at a disadvantage not having. 


    Then there's the expansion eye of the north.  It's ok... nothin special, 10 new skills per class, some new armour, and new continent to explore.  I'd get nightfall first, then factions, then eye of the north in that order.

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