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More Servers, and cap the amount per server!

BartDaCatBartDaCat Member UncommonPosts: 812
With War of Emperium events held every Wednesday and Saturday night, anyone not participating is subjected to the most horrendous lag one could possibly imagine in a MMORPG setting.  The only thing I can remember being comparable to this was a full scale Relic Raid in Dark Age of Camelot.  My connection is cable, I pity the poor guy who has an even shoddier connection.  If you do a /who during these things, the server population can surpass 4,500 players at one time.  Then there are the dozens of yahoos that set up chat rooms while they go to sleep for the night.  Not Merchants selling their wares, but other classes, taking up precious bandwidth to set up lame-o chat rooms that noone even uses.  Some even make their rooms private, put up some offensive title for the room name, and then go to bed.  Just take a walk through any of the in-game cities, and you will find little personal chatrooms such as; "Sleeping...", "Away for the weekend", "Get the fack outta here!", "Look here and you are dumb!", etc., etc.  For a game that charges a monthly fee, I don't exactly enjoy the constant lag and latentcy issues caused by lack of server variety and overpopulation.  If there's at least one glaring problem with iRO, it's that lack of much needed additional servers.  Just two servers isn't cutting it.image


  • nikki32nixnikki32nix Member Posts: 4

    image  Hey! This is an interresting Post about my Fav game. Well yah, your right about some things. Like the lags, they are imageimageTERRIBLE!! And yah, there are people who make chatrooms like, "AFK (away from Keyboard) Eating" or "Bed Time" mostly for the venders. I saw one merchant vending early in the morning, the next day he was in the same spot vending the same items....Weird isn't it??

    Pls, reply


  • TheRedDreadTheRedDread Member UncommonPosts: 150
    I think the venders are alright. If I wanna vend, I don't wanna sit in front of my computer all day. Maybe just auto d/c the afker and not the venders. Personally, I think it's gravity's fault for not providing faster server with our hard earned money. More servers would be nice because everyone is crowded in Chaos or Loki. Iris is the best server in my mind. Unlike Chaos or Loki, if you just started... you will get owned really badly in WoE / PvP. Everyone is already rich and powerful.
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