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My Review for Asda

chucky233chucky233 Member Posts: 122

This is my Review for Asda. Can not include that much info yet, because Currently a low level cool dude on the game.

1.Fun looking Graphics

2.Fun Community and nice and helpful

3.Monsters are Cool just like on kingdom Hearts

4.IF you like Kingdom Hearts, you should play this game!

5.Just complete wonderful mounts and Fighting.

6.Sweet Interface


Thats my review over the game Asda Story. I recommend you to play the game exsepcialy if you like Kingdom Hearts. Enjoy!




  • RexionRexion Member Posts: 25

    what a vague review...

    but i can't resist on your opinion that "if you like KH, this is good for you" because i am a Kingdom Hearts fanboi.

    i'll give it a try.

  • ozzyxozzyx Member Posts: 9



    im gna play this game then!!!!!!

  • rapture99rapture99 Member Posts: 1

    wat the heak iz a promotional code how do i get one i dont no how to make an account on it so no asda for me damn u gamerscampus


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