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Newbie Essential Abilities & Build Guide thread!

A55A5INA55A5IN Member Posts: 175


Heres some tips for a basic starter build that will work with most combinations of styles.

Some of these are essential abilities every build needs but in general its a guide on how to make a successful build that can handle anything thrown at it.

There are lots of Healing ablities, some incorporated into other abilities. Wether its via Health Pots (if they still exist, can't remember for sure) or arena pickups you need to be able to heal to start with. one way or another.

TIP 1:  Killing a target will give you HP back according to how much damage YOU dealt to them.

Sometimes its worth chasing that annoying Healer just because eventually they will die (if you shut them down) and then you'll get HP back for all the damage you dealt to them.

There are some good heal abilities for every archetype, heres a few I've used;

DEATHWISH (Champion) Melee

HEAL (Healer) Melee

MEND (Healer) Melee, spammable.

SERENITY (Healer) Focus

NURTURE (Healer) Focus

REJUVINATION (Healer) Melee, spammable.

The spammable ones are quite weak & single target but can be used on the run whilst the others (except DEATHWISH) can't be used on the run but are bigger heals.

TIP 2: Killing a target with a DEATHBLOW will FULLY restore your HP.

Deathblows can be very useful for this reason depending on how many Equip Points you have left to spend on your build. However not all classes have access to DB's and to use them as a Healer, Oracle or a Defiler you need to wep switch as per the requirement of the DB (Dual Wield, Long Wep, 2 Handed or Death Focus).

Archetypes that have their own DB's are: Champion, Overlord, Warden, Destroyer & Invoker.

2 types of DB: %30 (costs more EP & charges to use) & %15. Once your target hits %30 for example, you can 1 hit finish them off as long as you have the required charges ready and in some cases are in the correct position to do so (some DB's require rear position etc).

You can also adjust your targets healthbar so that it displays percentage HP left (so its easier to use a DB) from the game menu display options.

TIP 3: SHUTDOWN that target!

Quite a range of shutdowns, I'll keep it simple to start with.

FLASHBURN (Invoker Tree): Physical AOE shutdown. Used a lot by ranged players.

MAGILOCK  (Destroyer Tree): Spiritual single target shutdown. USed a lot by melee players.

ENTHRALL  (Healer Tree): Single target silence (Spiritual & Physical shutdown). Breaks on damage to target.

FROZEN AGONY (Overlord Tree): Single target HEALING shutdown. Great against Healers!

SUBDUE (Overlord Tree): Single target Physical shutdown.

A note on Silences like Enthrall. They are more useful for ranged players who have powerful ranged attacks that requires more time to cast than others. Enthrall buys them this time.


See HERE for a full list on Charge Manip abilities and counters.

Overlords and Oracles are basically the Trees to unlock if you want the full range of charge manipulation abilities. But until then my basic advice to start with is to equip opposing school abilities. This works very well as a counter against charge manipulation.You only need to equip 2 counter abilities to be prepared and they can be useful things like Heals, Invulnerability or even nasty damage stuff that you normally couldn't cast (as long as you have the wep required to cast them).


You are using: AIR & WATER abilities.

You also equip: 1 NATURE & 1 FIRE ability.

TIP 5: SEIZE the opportunity!

Theres quite a range of 'Rush' abilities. Some have a knockback side effect on the target whilst others just do damage. However SEIZE (Destroyer Tree) stuns your target! It doesn't require any charges to use.

However at times you'll not be able to SEIZE a target because of their position (like on a rooftop).

Another similar ability that does the reverse of Seize is DRAGNET (Champ Tree). This is very useful for dragging those targets towards you (especially if they are up & out of reach) but this is a melee only ability.

You'll see these used a LOT!


Wether its getting away fast or chasing down your target ACCELERATE (Oracle Tree) at rank 10 is essential IMHO. At rank 10 its basically perma speed, all you need to do is reactivate it every 30 seconds. Also no charge cost to use.



Theres the basic one that everyone gets to start (great for its short cooldown but not much defense against high Offense players unless you have real high Defense stats) and then there are the advanced ones. Depending on how much room you have left in your build for a major damage ability plus a charge builder including the above mentioned abilities you may want to equip the basic or both if you have the EP to do so.

Some of the most popular ones are the Mirror stances (Champion Tree). They reflect abilities back at the attacker depending on their type, so you have Mirror FIRE, Mirror AIR etc etc. These are good to get unlocked early on as a form of counter to obvious high damage attacks. Watch your target die from their own attacks and laugh!

Some IMPORTANT things about defensive stances;

* Don't move! Moving or attacking breaks the stance, turning is fine. Wait for your opponent to unload their damage & charges (some of it will probably MISS depending on your Defence stats VS their Offence stats due to the stance) and THEN counter attack.

*You can get knocked out of a stance! Knockback attacks (like FRENZY (Warden Tree)) can break defensive stances (handy to know).

* DEATHBLOWS still work on you if you are stanced (see how useful they are?) Great for killing those annoying Healers who go into stance at the last minute before regenning their HP.

* You can stance whilst stunned (not %100 sure, may have changed recently).



If you are fighting solo style you'll need a buff or two for sure. In a group situation its always good to work out what everyone has or needs so you don't end up with duplicates or overriding buffs. Although sometimes its good to have more than 1 team member with a certain buff.

STORMSEAL (Champion Tree) is a good all rounder simply for some damage reduction and also its good against poisons or DOT attacks. Keep your eyes on this as you will most likely get your buffs stripped at some point. You'll need to recast the buff to keep that DOT damage off.

SPIRIT OF THE IRONWOOD (Oracle Tree) one of the best armor buffs that is quite popular as it s a group AOE buff.

BERSERKERS RAGE (Destroyer Tree) probably one of the most lethal damage buffs but it does lower your defences & armor ratings for the duration.

DEFENDERS SHELL (Champion Tree) nice damage absorption buff that can be used on the run but you can't use abilities for the duration. Theres a lot of damage absorption buffs in the Champ Tree.

There are a lot of buffs depending on your build type you'll want to equip a few even. Some increase damage done whilst others increase incoming healing. Too many to list here but I recommend downloading and installing The FIBrillator as it will list all the abilities available along with stats and even has a simple build planner.



Lets just cover something here to help avoid confusion:

ANY STYLE = Focus (ranged) or Weapons (melee)

ANY FOCUS = Focus Only = Death, Decay, Nature or Water Focus.

ANY WEAPON = Weapons Only = 2 Handed, Dual Wield, Long Wep, Sword & Shield

An important factor in doing lots of damage as fast as possible is stripping the target of their buffs or just reducing their overall defenses and resistances to the elements (or both!).

Lots of ways to do this, heres a few abilities you may want to check out:

SHIELDCRUSHER (Overlord Tree) probably the best Overlord debuff, was nerfed due to it being slightly OP'd at one point. Still great for reducing targets armor resistance % and then doing damage..2HANDED WEPS ONLY.

UPPERCUT (Overlord Tree) another armor % resistance debuff. Overlords like debuffs. ANY STYLE.

ENERVATE (Destroyer Tree) this is one ability that strips your targets  AIR based buffs as a melee player. Theres one of these for each element each with a different name (Desolate, Rend & Ravage). They are Single target buff strips. ANY WEAPON.

Unfortunately theres not a lot of options to buff strip for Focus players without equipping a wep (not a focus). See EB for 1 option & UPPERCUT for another but the only other option is to equip a REAVER BUFF.

REAVER OF (Air, Water, Nature, Fire) (Destroyer Tree) Similar to the Enervate buff Strip this is actually a BUFF you place on yourself that gives you a % chance to buff strip the target on each damage attack (ranged or melee). Theres one for each element, single target. They are ANY MELEE WEP usable (unless this changed recently). One trick a few Focus players do is to equip a cheap melee wep aswell as their focus just to cast this buff on themselves at the start of a match. Depends if you have the space on your bar. ANY WEAPON.

 ELEMENTAL BURN (Destroyer Tree) the king of buff removers, although it doesn't always work when you want it to, it can remove all buffs (any element) from the surrounding targets (AOE 5m range) if they are within range and their buffs are equal to or lower RANK than your EB's RANK. Requires FIRE to use but is ANY STYLE.



Aswell as countering charge manipulation attacks as already mentioned above, you'll also have to counter some Root and hold attacks. Always useful to carry at least one counter against this kind of thing. There are several to choose from.  (under construction)



So after equipping some of the above (NOTE: don't choose too many abilities that do the same thing, you don't need more than 2 shutdowns for example) you are basically ready for anything thrown at you.

All you need to do now is decide what your major attack style (ranged or melee) and damage types (FIRE / NATURE / WATER / AIR) are going to be. Start off with 2 Elements that work together (not opposing) and introduce more later for more complex builds as you understand the game better. As mentioned above, theres no harm in having 1 opposing element ability (for charge dumping incase you get countered) if you have the space for it.

Always good to have 1 RANGED charge builder (for each element you use) as oposed to having a melee charge builder as your opponent will not always be in range. (It used to be that melee charge builders did more damage due to movement damage bonuses but this bonus has been removed.)


Hope this helps as a sort of newbie guide to the basics of FURY gameplay, maybe someone else will do some basic archetype build templates.




  • DiendDiend Member Posts: 34

    WEWT GG A55A55IN!!!!!

    So many newbs just have no idea what abilities to unlock and what to put on their bar, so they end up unlocking crap abilities =(... A55A55IN for doing what noone else has dared to do XD I've always helped newbs if they asked but this is the best!!!

    OK...one section you might want to add is DPS skills...I will write it in an informal way =)

    Power Shot (invoker): One of the BEST damage skills in the game, simply for the fact that it doubles the next ~300 air damage done to the target.  There are entire builds based around this ability!!!  Yes, before you pop that strong air attack, think twice and hit power shot first to make it hit TWICE AS HARD!!!

    Force of nature (warden): Fun Fun =) heavy nature damage plus increases your physical damage output for a short time...plus it can be used with any weapon.  =D a great thing to equip for the points

    Shatter (Overlord): The hardest-hitting Melee air attack in the game (besides ones like fade strike and crap that has 10-minute cooldowns T_T)...4 air charges, but it does devastating damage, especially with Power shot (see above).

    Sunder (champion): Best champion DPS skill IMO...although I don't have much experience with nature champs...

    Thundershock (healer): Hardest-hitting SPIRITUAL air attack in the game...the equivalent of shatter but a chance to stun them for 2 seconds as well (it's 50-50)...however it requires a life focus to be equipped, whereas shatter is any melee weapon.  Great for healers.

    Traitor's Curse (healer): One of the best Water DMG skills in the game...htis very hard and puts a curse on the enemy that may heal anyone who attacks them

    Gale(oracle): Another one of the best Water DMG skills in the game...doesnt hit so hard but it only costs 2 charges so it's very efficient =)

    There are many many more damage skills...but these are some of the best for Pure DAMAGE...although it really depends on your build...if you are a newb then try making a build based around one of these abilities then take abilities that augment it (e.g. if you are using thundershock then bring uppercut and power shot to increase its DMG).

    Also, for ANYONE there are really 2 good Fury sites going (just forums ATM):



    furyunleashed has been around longer, but how2playfury has been put up by one of the best players in the game...and I mean from ALL TIME back when there were super-hardcore beta players etc...KALCIFER!!! /bow

    If anyone has any questions, feel free to PST me in-game...especially on TANKING XD!!!!!


  • markyturnipmarkyturnip Member UncommonPosts: 837

    What always surprises me is that a game like fury has abilities that are considered crap...

    I can understand that certain combinations work better with each other, but why would devs leave in an ability that people all accept are a waste of time? Is it a deliberate trap for new players?

  • mrsilverbackmrsilverback Member Posts: 8

    like what skills would you consider to be crap ?

    Not sure I follow you....

    I use lots of skills that most do not....


  • markyturnipmarkyturnip Member UncommonPosts: 837

    I am not speaking from any personal experience... I am in fact downloading fury as I write - just that from what i read in other posts people talk about newbies wrecking their characters by choosing the "wrong" skills... if that is because of combinations, fair enough. If it is because the skill is considered inherently bad, leaves me wondering.

    I am encouraged that you think all the skills are valid...


    EDIT: from the post above yours:

    "WEWT GG A55A55IN!!!!!

    So many newbs just have no idea what abilities to unlock and what to put on their bar, so they end up unlocking crap abilities =("

  • A55A5INA55A5IN Member Posts: 175

    Its not that there are crap abilities but rather that there are some abilities that are just less obviously effective and therefore less used.

    As I mentioned theres a range of 'rush' type abilities..I've seen players using all of them in different ways..which one you choose to use (the most obvious or one of the others) is part of what gives your style some individuality. However the 'Seize' abiltity just seems to be better than the rest because of its 'Stun' side effect. Its easy to work into practicaly any build combo.

    A 'rush' ability with a knockback (instead of a stun) could be just as useful in the right build combo but it would be a less obvious build that would take time to develop. Therefore you may see a newcomer take something other than 'Seize' and not do aswell because they chose the harder route which requires some knowledge of all the abilities available.

    What I've done is kind of point out the 'obvious' abilities that are great to work into your first few builds and build from.


    I'm not saying that there aren't any abilities at all that need some tweaking, but thats another matter completely. There will seem to be lots of duplicates, but later you realise those duplicates are actually there for a reason. So when you are playing a certain school, you can use a similar ability from that school without spoiling your build and still gain the essence you need to unlock more abilities.

  • zspawnzspawn Member Posts: 410

    Nice work and I think what A55A5IN meant was that those spells are good starter + the guide is how to form a starting build to get to know the game.

    I think all skills are useful etc but its up to you to make them work by combining them + using them at the right time.

    So when you get the feel + pace of game and you slowly develop your style you'll change them one by one or adding new ones

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