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Are the Dungeons Instanced?

I have played FFXI Before, about 4 Years ago, and I know alot has changed, Im just curious to know if the Dungeons are instanced (I didnt get far till my friends sucked me into Pre-CU SWG, and then later to WoW)


Any info is appreciated.


  • Katashi-kunKatashi-kun Member Posts: 517

    No!  All of the dungeons, caves, etc are not instanced!  If fact there are no instanced anything in the game except for Storylines, Major Bosses, and small events like BCNMs fights for loot!  Other than that everything is open to any many PTs can squeeze into an area!

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  • lilfoolilfoo Member Posts: 38

    all things instanced in FFXI: (all numbers are play caps)

    Story line BCNMs, includes some quests (1-6 people Storyline quests can be entered unlimited amount of times if you meet the requirements, you can not start a BC if you have beat it but you can help. quests usually have a conquest tally cool down.)

    BCNMs (3-6, people require Seals to enter)

    ENMs (3-18, ENMs have recomended numbers any more then that and there will be an exp penalty applied to the reward. 5 day reentry + annoying quest to get key item to enter)

    Assault (3-6, gain 1 assault permit per day. caps at 4 (5 if you do them all). you use a permit every time you enter one.)

    Dynamis (1-64, a person has to trade a glass to get a time and then trade that to other people to get in (after you trade the glass to get time you can use it to make copies an unlimited amount of times. 72 hour reentry. 1 million gil for entry glass)

    Limbus (1-18, 72 hour reentry. 30k gil (each play has to pay this) + kill an easy nm on the way)

    Salvage (6-18 one entry per day if you can buy it. spend 1.5k assault points on permit)


    As far as leveling in instanced areas it is nigh impossible. you usualy get no exp (few cases you gain a bit) in all of these instanced areas. most are considered end game events as well. Instances in FFXI are ways to get great sell-able gear (first 4) along with some of the best gear in the game (last 4, assault has both). In all aspects though, instances are not the main source of FFXI play and so far have only compleminted the game play. If you are looking for heavy instance play where you can be away from other players FFXI dose not have many options.

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