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My likes and dislikes about Trickster Online.

PeckyDOOMPeckyDOOM Member Posts: 16

First of all, this is my second MMORPG that i've really gotten into. I've played maple story so i guess i would be comparing alotta things to it. But these are just my opinions and preffernces.So here's my lil review feel free to comment and voice your opinions.


1) The community - People on trickster are very friendly and very helpful. Compared to MS, the Trix player seem to not be very considerate.

2) Anti-Kill Stealing - There really isnt a anti-kill stealing system its, KSing is still possible in the game but is very noticeable and most people dont try it because they're pretty nice. The game has a battle system that  makes it so the first person to hit the monster gets the chance to kill it. You can always just hit it and run away but i think theres a time limit between each hit before that monster becomes free for anyone to kill.

3) Weapon Upgrading - This is very very nice, the weapon and equipment  upgrading system is pretty niffty and gives you alot of options. You can completely customize your weapons if they're compatible or just add other items to improve its stats. They give you about 4 differnt ways to customize and upgrade your equipment.

4) You get a free pet to begin with! - Yes, i like this because pets in MS are not free, in Trix you get one when you start. so i figure thats pretty niffty, and its realtivly easy to get a hold of a differnt pet because they are not cash items and the pets add to your stats.

5) Drilling - This feature is very unique to me, i think its a nice change from grinding through monsters, you get to grind through dirt, grass, snow, and what ever else. Plus you get a bit of EXP for drilling so thats pretty nice.

6) Free Shops -  You are allowed to open a shop at no charge to sell your unwanted or make a nice profit by selling quest items.


1) Screen Resolution - They only offer two differnt resolutions and can be bothersom if your playing on a laptop like i am with a small small screen. but its not terrible but they could offer more differnt screen sizes to make it more user friendly.

2) Your lvl restricts where you can go - In MS, once you beat the beginners island you can basiclly go to any city with in the game as you please, in Trix your not really restricted by your lvl but it is very hard to get to citys intended for high lvl players if your a lower lvl cuz your more than likely to die before you even get there.  But its still not impossible to do it though. i've done it but i sure was scared for my lil life.

3) The Learning Curve -  Its not terrible but it is much differnt from MS. There are alotta things you can do and they have quest to help you learn how to do them (mainly learning how to customize your stuff) but they are still tedius and kinna frustrating because of all the little details that go into the game but those details some could argue give depth to the game.

Bottom line: I like it, its a nice change from playing MS. Trix its a pretty well made game for a 2d, and having to compete with MS is pretty hard. It definately brings something differnt to the table.




  • shinobi234shinobi234 Member Posts: 437

    dude you eyes o-0 what the hell man what happend to you did some one drop boiled eggs on you eyes while you were alsp


  • UniveUnive Member Posts: 133

    I play MS and Trickster and ive gotta say I agree with all of your points, even if my opinion is useless :P .

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