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Quick question about "Engineer"

Hi peeps

Question is:

They write you'll be able to succed in not just "killing" but also doin engineering stuff. >which makes me interested in this game< So is it like you can choose to be a trader/crafter or something like that.. And nearly only be doin that. Or am I dreaming?

Thanks in advance.



  • ghstwolfghstwolf Member Posts: 386

    Currently most play styles are intended to be supported.  Crafting is heavily supported.

  • meleemadnessmeleemadness Member Posts: 592

    ppl are comparing this to SWG and SWG had an extensive crafting component and it DID take ALL your time.  That game had the most involved and detailed crafting I have ever seen....incredible!

    Then SOE ruined!

  • CavadusCavadus Member UncommonPosts: 707

    Of course you can do that stuff.

    1. Every item in the game is player crafted and someone has to craft them;

    2. There aren't classes or levels so you can do whatever within the confines of their skill system.


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