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Voyage Century: Building Finding: Athens Amphitheatre

SzarkSzark News ManagerMember Posts: 4,420

IGG has posted the latest information on building finding in Voyage Century Online.  Today's building is the Athens Amphitheatre.

The Voyage Century Online published the last building finding this week. The details about Athen Amphitheatre are below. Find useful information, and enjoy it.

Athens Amphitheatre --- "King Oedipus"

The story of Jarolim

Precondition: Anyone of Voyage, Sea battle or Eloquence reaches level 5+

Given by: Alexandria (Athens Suburb)

Other NPC: Jarolim (Athens Suburb), Adis (Athens Port), Albertus (Athens City), Aleger (Tripoli City)

1. Today, I was strolling in the Athens Suburb and came across Alexandria. He told me Caroline was acting weirdly recently.

2. I found Caroline in Athens Grand Theatre. He did act weirdly that he asked me to find him a cutlass. I wonder what the cutlass is for.

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