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my impression

AkulasAkulas Member RarePosts: 2,517
My first thing I saw when I first entered the game was a mass of player market stalls and a mass of gold traders spam. And then I noticed the lag. Once I got past all this I then noticed the slow level system and slow item drop rate. And then I noticed I wasted my time installing this game. It was a good game, just too much gold spam is my only complaint and of course the lame item shop which further influenced my decision never to play again. Despite all this, I had a rather positive experience with the people who weren’t spammers and if you are more patient than me and can put up with gold spam then the game isn’t that bad.

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  • MagikarpsGhostMagikarpsGhost Member UncommonPosts: 656

    Ok first off that is a crappy review of the game. I am not deffending the game for i hate it just as much as the next person. but they have 5 servers and only server 1 is busy 2-5 are pritty empty with no gold sellers and market stalls. as for lvling i got no clue what your talking about. I got from 1-30 in about 4 prem items or anything. Only problem i have is the unkillable mob bug. where you get it to 0 HP but it dose not die no matter how many times you pelt it with arrows (if archer that is) as for the drop rate..yes that sucks...major ass but it also makes it harder for the gold sellers to make gold. I play rohan now and Domo. But SOF will allways be a good one day game for me. I am lvl 70 Chaos archer on there DemesaiRyuu. Dont let any review stop you from trying the game who knows you make like it.

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  • hectic1hectic1 Member Posts: 27

    god i wish i could trademark nicknames so pple wouldn't use the same ones well the 2nd half =_=

    all the nick names i use no matter how made up or even made intentionaly just to sound bad

    still end up getting used cause i use em =_=

    never seen anyone with a nick ending in Ryuu till i used SeikaRyuu =_=,and i know cause i am god :D


  • kingbarthkingbarth Member Posts: 39

    scions of fate = ewwww

    case closed...

  • kingbarthkingbarth Member Posts: 39

    scions of fate = ewwww

    case closed...

  • arogorsarogors Member Posts: 22

    I remember playing this game a while back, They claimed they had 75 million subscribers, I liked the game at first but it started getting to grindy at the lack of skills it had the first 20 lvls just turned me away from it. But all in all give it a try if my suggestion is play on the less populated servers better community and less gold spamming and botters.

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