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The Vindicators Corp is recruiting!

VindicoreVindicore Member Posts: 47

The Vindicators community was created for the MMOFPS, Planetside in 2003. Representing the Vanu Soveriegnty, on the Emerald server we established ourselves as one of the best outfits and remained as one of the games highest ranked and regarded for 3 years. Our dedication, teamwork and focus on community and communication has been our staple for success in several other MMO games such as Voyage Century Online, and Guild Wars but it has been World of Warcraft where we have seen staggering success as both a PvP guild and later, in 2006 after refocusing our efforts as a premier raiding guild on the Illidan server. Conversely, we are also are involved with other non-massively multi-player style games such as Battlefield 2142 and in the past DoD:Source, CS:Source, Americas Army, CoD4:MW and Exteel.

Over the course of the last 5 years The Vindicators have grown into a tight knit active group of mature players; while our enemies and competition have crumbled around us. Our community, which spans all around the globe aims to nurture a friendly and mature environment, where all people are welcome and can find a group to game with cooperatively. We have a secure Ventrillo server which we use religiously across many different game "chapters". Communication is and always will be the key to our success.

A dozen of us have currently entered New Eden, and we are looking to establish ourselves as a corporation that nurtures and protects its members, helping them to achieve their goals as well as those the corporation as a whole pursues. Ingame we are currently raising money to support a move into lowsec space, after which our horizons will expand from the the limits enforced by secure space.

We are currently looking for players with all levels of experience and any focus for gameplay, as we intend to grow into a multifaceted corporation with all playstyles being accounted for.

If you are interested in becoming a member, or just wish to check us out contact us on our active community forums and fill out an application with your primary in game name and tell us a little bit about yourself and your gaming history.

Or you can simply make contact via private message to myself or any other Vindicator you come across either here on the forums or in New Eden.



  • BigDave7481BigDave7481 Member Posts: 298

    Down with the Vanu!  NC own all!  Heh I beta'd PS and played it for quite a while until Sony butchered it.


    Anyways, good luck fellas.

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