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My B'day+Christmas Gaming rig

Slic3rSlic3r Member Posts: 22

 WOO, well i decided to boast about my pretty neat gaming rig i got. FIrst off B'day +christmas.. I mean that cause my birthday is close as to chrissy and i got a pressent which acted as both.

core 2 duo extreme 6850

2gig ram.

8800gtx graphics card

2x 320gig hard drives running parrallel

22" LG lcd screen

Merc keyboard. < it's alright i don't use the side pad much.

Razor Dimondback 3g  I think.. Well it's a awesome mouse and i highly suggest for people to get it :D!

eerm cant think of my motherboard. got logitech speakers and headset.

Oh and my gaming case antec 900

Thats about my christmas and b'day pressent. I'm personally very please with it. Vista ultimate has a few cries here and there.. But it's vista.. It isn't perfect but it does look nice.. No need to flame.. :)  So this is my gaming rig that i have been nerding out on over the holidays and it runs really nice :D!!!!!!!!! anyway have fun all :P.

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