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External/Internal Hardrives

x_Kiba_xx_Kiba_x Member Posts: 89

Alright I just need a few questions answered about hardrives.

-Can I stores software on an external hardrive? Like game programs or can I only store music, videos, and pictures on external hardrives?

-When buying an internal hardrive, can I just hook it up as an extra drive to my computer or would I need to replace my current one and get a new OS for it.  (or if I can just add it on, would I still need to buy a new OS)




  • GruntyGrunty Member EpicPosts: 8,657


    External hard drives can be used to store anything on them. But.  Don't install a game to an external hard drive and expect it to run great.  The data transfer rate for an external hard drive is way too slow for use as a primary drive for games.

    You can have as many hard drive/removeable drives as you motherboard will allow.  That varies.  Most can handle up to four drives easily.

    You can add a new drive without replacing the old drive.  You do not need a new operating system to add a hard drive.  Read the article in the URL above.

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  • WoopinWoopin Member UncommonPosts: 1,011

    Exactly what Grunty said.

    I also have an extra harddrive that is classed as external. Also as mentioned people tend to use external harddrives for media and backup files. With mine it only powers up when I use it causing a few seconds delay not good if you use it to install games to.


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