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i'm always soooo poor in this game

AznChimpGuyAznChimpGuy Member Posts: 29

someone help me im soooo poor help me i need money


  • QazeQaze Member Posts: 247

    Um... I think begging violates some kind of forum rule...

    Work, don't beg.

    EDIT: Wow I just checked your post history it seems to be all trolls.


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  • HousamHousam Member Posts: 1,460
    Originally posted by Qaze

    Um... I think begging violates some kind of forum rule...
    Work, don't beg. make alot of need to start buying cash shop ites...or so iv heard

  • PenguinbladePenguinblade Member Posts: 1

    Do you actually expect  someone to say "Hey, I think I'll go out of my way and give some random guy all of my money!"?

    Here are my suggestions:

    1. Sell yourself to fat chicks.

    2. Work like a real man does!

    3. Get some friends and leech off of them!


    I doubt anyone will offer to give you all of their money.

    One time, back when they had the 'Doritos 3Ds' I was like "Holy shit, I must buy this product!" and bought them. Little did I know, they turned your mouth blue due to the release of Monsters Inc.

  • mike470mike470 General CorrespondentMember Posts: 2,396

    There's some money.  Now leave.

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  • vingvegavingvega Member Posts: 577

    Play a game that's not infested with bots that ruin the economy.

  • anigousanigous Member UncommonPosts: 113

     Maplestory has an unbalenced community Live with it.

    "i have a lvl 26 maplestory warrior lvl 9 asda story archer and a adventure quest mage lvl 15 and my xfire is my bro's"

  • ZemihiZemihi Member Posts: 3

    Pq or something that's how i got most of my money > . >

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