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Thank you Zu Online

akirafesakirafes Member UncommonPosts: 11

At least I feel I was happy after  2.5 years . A long period of searching time passed waiting hope of AOC or jump gate finally I found what I was not looking for. it is right there in front of my eyes . But afer playing 68 level of knight online and 60 level of silkroad You can guess I never will go back to free mmorpgs . Yeah this is my first post here . thanks for Zu Online that I am writing for it .  How many time I went back to anarchy online or wow or even doc and also eve online . then could not stand them for even a month . after I played lord of the rings I was really upset for future couse 3 years after wow they come with nothng new .just like most of you I began to desparete . I am 39 years old loving mmorpgs living with them . I am reading lots of thinks about they are killing social life . But they are the place where you find pleasure and special moments for me . Which in real life we can never test . At least I know what they are missing. I am making my six year old boy as a gamer from now . Any way.

Zu Online is here it has a great potensial yeah I played near every game out now from rappelz to tubula rasa  but This game is really different its where Wow meets the diablo and the crafting system complex better then anything  I hope to see it getting better the pvp the skill tree upgrades and also the auction system which I loved is there check this game is a must

loved diablo
LOVE vanguard
Try and see the future



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