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Cool Dev Quotes and unofficial Dev Tracker

Hey guys,

thought a thread with some cool and interesting developer quotes would be good to have here, eh?


Earthrise will feature consensual PvP as optional mechanics. It has many uses for players such as friendly sparring to check your ability and equipment built, for example. PvPers, who involve in real fights to the death otherwise, will want to do this on daily basis to stay competitive without risking their insurance upon death. We have some very exciting ideas in stock for consensual PvP that we cannot give away yet.

We would like to thank all posters for the ideas regarding PvP awards, but the most important award a PvP player may receive in Earthrise, other than the extatic feeling of overcoming another player, is looting his equipment. Often PvP actions look questionable when one player attacks another for his loot even when he has no use for that loot, either because it is useless to his class/race or because it is too underpowered. However, in Earthrise every item found can be salvaged and deconstructed, and then components can be processed to extract elements and create new components, used for crafting. Nothing is ever considered useless in Earthrise, especially when we talk about player crafted items. Players can extract the metal from dozens of run-of-the-mill weapons to create a powerful armor, and then extract radioactive chemicals from hundreds of weak batteries to fuel its demanding power reactor. Of course, there're many restrictions that do not allow players to abuse the system by turning their newbie or free equipment in endless stream of useful metals, but never think twice about grabbing an item that a player drops - even if it looks useless at first sight, in the hand of a skilled crafter it is a valuable asset. And when every single item worn or packed in a player's inventory could possibly be fair game for looting, what other motivation do PvP players want?

On Skills and Skill Cap

Each skill will be capped at 100 and players will be able to learn all skills, although it will take considerable time to max all of them. However, players will not be able to use all learned skills at the same time, they will need to think and make character templates for different situations. When advancing in skills, players will be able to learn abilities and tactics, which will offer a lot of customization options to the character.

Also: We've started our DevTracker over at It's worth a visit as there are so many more interesting posts, really.

You can basically go there and get up-to-date developer quotes as they happen... Well, that's not entirely true. The site is updated every 30 minutes to not overload their forums with requests from our end. :-)

Hope you like it. I'll be back with interesting quotes every now and then...


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