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[ RP ] House of Marek

SouvecSouvec Member Posts: 698



  • SouvecSouvec Member Posts: 698

    Just a note.

    We are still actively recruiting and growing stronger with each passing day. Perhaps those who may be on the fence (in regards to joining) should stop by our virtual link, and submit a question for one of our Elders to review. We are always available and willing to discuss any concerns you may have.

    I would also like to inform you that the House of Marek has opened its doors to the public, via our channel entitled: HOUSE MAREK. This channel serves as a open forum for those interested in discussing the politics of both the Mandate and its inhabitants.

    For Service to God and the Mandate,
    Syn Marek

  • SouvecSouvec Member Posts: 698

    We are still actively looking for roleplayers interested in either taking on the unique aspect of the Ammatar race, or joining the noble House in its endevours to secure Derelick space.

    For more information regarding the House of Marek, please visit our virtual link.

    For service to God and the Mandate,
    Syn Marek

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