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Only One Problem

mike470mike470 General CorrespondentMember Posts: 2,396

As I look over this game, there is only one possible problem that i see in the future.  And this problem is open PvP mixed in with permanent death.  Now I LOVE PvP, but I am not a fan of permanent death.  What if your one week is over, and u decide to walk out in the open.  Then there is a much highe rleveled person there, and he decides to attack.  Just like that your dead, unable to play this character again.

That is my one fear of having a game which mixes these two ingredients together.

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  • HaynsoulHaynsoul Member Posts: 21

    If they do add open pvp+perma death they should at least add a bounty system for pkers to discourage that type of behavior.

  • RedMonsterRedMonster Member Posts: 5

    The PKer still risks a lot when he attacks another palyer, I would think.

  • GehaxGehax Member Posts: 9

     From what I hear its not level based so I'd be more worried about gangs of players, that being said that would be rarer. Also this game seems to be more of a simulation type thing like EVE with a active economy

  • versulasversulas Member UncommonPosts: 288

     perma death >< ...and I thought darkfall was bad.


    In a sense though, this would kind of be like how it was in .hack, where if  you died, you had to start over =/

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